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Chapter 19

"Okay this is stupid. I can't even... I don't know what I'm doing. Okay... I do, but this is really stupid."

Emma couldn't stop pacing back and forth and talking to herself the rest of the night when she was trying to get ready. Why she was nervous, she had no idea. She had his unsettling feeling in her stomach especially when Nick told her that they needed to talk. She wondered if he had read her letter. What exactly did he think about it. Did he want to start over? Start new, just the way she did or was he just in it for the sex? Sometimes, Emma thought, that's all that he really wanted. She was playing out so many different scenerios in her head. Maybe he'll finally realize that he wants to be with me... we'll make hundreds of babies, get married and live happily ever after.

"Yeah," Emma snickered. "This is stupid. So freaking stupid."

"What is? Wow! Hot date tonight?" Maggie said walking from her shower.

"Actually, yeah." Emma couldn't help, but smile like a Cheshire Cat.

"So you finally gave in to Patrick?" Maggie said distractedly, trying to find something to wear.

"No." Emma said, putting the finishes touches to her make up.

"Um, really? Who is with then? Wait nevermind. I think I have an idea."

"Who do you think?"

Maggie cleared her throat and attempted to mock Emma's voice. "Niiiiick."

Emma put her hairbrush down and turned towards Maggie. "Really? Don't ruin this for me tonight Maggie."

"What? I'm just kidding with you. Lighten up. You would think for a person who already got laid, you'll be more laid back."

"Wow Maggie. Seriously?"

Maggie laughed. "Em, relax. I think you're just nervous."

"I'm fine."

"You look nice."

Emma didn't say anything back. For the past couple of days, she had been thinking about whether or not to ask Maggie to move out. She missed having her own place and her own space to do whatever she wanted to do. She realize that having a roommate was too much. She was tired of having to deal with Maggie owning the place like if it was her own apartment.

"Mag, listen, I've been meaning to tell you this and..." Before she could finish, her phone started ringing. She picked it up from the nightstand and noticed it was Nick calling. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's me. Just calling to see if you're ready to go."

Emma couldn't help but laugh at Nick's persistance. "Yeah, I'm ready as I'll ever be."

"You sound nervous."

"Uh, I'm... not." She laughed nervously.

"Alright. So I'm heading out now. I'll be there in about 15 minutes."

Emma smiled. "Okay.

"See you soon."

"See you soon then."

"Hey Em?"


"Don't be nervous. It's just me, alright?"

"Nick, I'm not nervous. Now don't keep a lady waiting."

"I won't. See you in a bit."


Emma sighed and put the phone back down.

"Was that your booooyfriend?"

She ignored Maggie's question. "So what was it you were going to tell me?"

Emma turned around to face Maggie. "I was thinking... that... please don't be mad when I tell you this, but... I think it's best if you move out."

"What." Maggie said, flatly.

"I'm sorry. I just-- It's time that you had your own place, your own space and I can't deal with this whole roommate thing anymore. It's taking up too much time and energy."

"Taking up too much time and energy?"

"Yeah. I just--," Emma sighed and continued. "I can't do this anymore Maggie."

"Tell me how you really feel Emma." Maggie said while rolling her eyes.

"Okay, you know what? I'm trying to have like a normal conversation with you without having to argue."

"Don't bother Emma. You want me out right? Fine, I'll do that." She said storming out of the room.

Emma followed her. "Mag, that's not what I'm saying."

"Yeah, it is." She said grabbing her suitcase.

"Maggie, it's not. I'm just saying... Things are changing with me. With everything and I just need to start off new."

"You know, maybe you just want me out so you could move in your new boyfriend?"

"Really Maggie? This is how you want to do this?"

"Emma, just go to your awesome date with your awesome new boyfriend and let me pack my stuff so that I could leave out of your awesome apartment."

Emma was taken back a little by Maggie's attitude. "THIS is exactly why I'm saying this. Your attitude stinks."

"Really? This is coming from the one who's always mopping around over her ex boyfriend who probably doesn't even give a shit about her. Let's not forget his child that she lost and didn't even tell him about."

"That was fucking low."

"It's the truth."

As Emma was about to say something else to Maggie, she heard Nick's car pulling up to her driveway. She sighed, feeling the lump that was rising in her throat. She glanced over at Maggie who was folding her clothes and packing them into her suitcase.

"That was real low." She whispered.

"Truth hurts..."

"You know, you should be grateful that I let you even stay in my house. You are so selfish."

"Yeah, you're one to talk."

"I'm done..."

"Good. Don't you have a date tonight anyways? I'm kind of busy here and don't need any interruptions."

"You know what? There's no need for your attitude. I tried to have a normal conversation with you, but it seems like all you do is want to argue and fight because that's how you try getting your point across. That's over with Maggie. I tried to be your best friend. You should be grateful that I even let you stay in my house. It's one thing to be my best friend and give me advice when I need it, but it's another thing to actually get into my business and put your nose into things that don't concern you."

"I was just--"

"No. You don't get to do that. You get to throw in cute little comments to benefit yourself and hurt others. What has Nick done to YOU that's so bad? Nothing. There's no reason for you to say anything bad about him at all."

"There isn't? He left you... ALONE. If he didn't give a shit about you before, what makes you think he's going to do the same again?"

"That doesn't concern you!"

"It does when you're always complaining about it, but obviously that's all gone now since you went and fucked him."

"It's none of your business what I do! Since you want to know so badly, YES I did fuck him. What's it to you? I'm perfectly happy. Maybe that's what you need."

"Ha, funny." Maggie stopped packing her clothes and looked out the window to see Nick standing there. "Your boyfriend's outside."

Emma glanced over at the clock. It was almost 7. Shit! Emma went over to the closet, retrieved her coat and slipped her shoes on. She headed towards the door, but before she left, she turned around to Maggie. "Like I said, I'm done with you... and as far as I'm concerned... so is our friendship. You can kiss that goodbye. By the time I come home tonight, I want you gone." She said opening the door and slamming it.

As she walked outside, she closed her eyes and took a deep breathe and counted to 10.

"Hey, took you long enough. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. I'm sorry for making you wait. I just... had to deal with something."

"Oh hey, it's fine. I'm not in a rush. I mean... I did make reservations, but it's cool."

"God I feel like an asshole."

Nick laughed and then smiled. "Don't be. So... shall we?" He said, lending his arm for Emma to take.

Emma looped her arm over Nick's. She looked at him and smiled. "Let's go."

* * *

"Okay, seriously Nick. Where are we going?"

Nick didn't take his eyes off the road. They had been driving for a really long time. "If I tell you, then I'll ruin the surprise and that wouldn't be fun."

"But we've been driving for a long time. Are we going on a road trip or something that I have no idea about?"

Nick couldn't help but laugh. "No Em."

Emma sighed. "Cooooome on. So... where are we going?"

"Can you just sit back and relax?"

"Nick, you know me. You know I don't like surprises. So tell me."

"Emma... no. Look just turn on the radio or something."

"Fine..." Emma sat up and turned on the radio. She realized what song was playing and started humming to it.

"You like this?"

Emma turned away from Nick and looked out the window, still humming.

"You're gonna ignore me now?"

More silence.

"Not talking to you."


"I said I'm not talking to you."

Nick couldn't help but smirk at Emma's stubborness. "And why's that?"

"Because you won't tell me when you're taking me."

Nick sighed. "Fine, I'll tell you."

"Really?!" She turned around, excitedly.

"Yes. But... under one condition."


"You sing that song you were just humming."

"You're funny." She rolled her eyes and looked back out the window

"I'm serious."

"Not doing it."

"Fine... then I won't tell you where we're going." Nick reached over and turned the volume up a bit more then glanced over at Emma.

"Niiiiiiick." She whined.

"Emmmmmmaaaaaaa." Nick mocked her and then laughed.

"Seriously? This song is stupid."

"Says the person who's humming it and tapping her feet to the beat?"

"I wasn't... humming... or tapping my foot!"

"Yeah cause I'm clearly seeing this. Imagining them, uhuh." Nick smirked.

"I'll only sing if you sing with me..."

"You're crazy."

"Then I'm not singing."

"Party pooper."

"I AM NOT. This song is stupid anyways." She said pushing Nick playfully.

"Yes, you are and it's not stupid." Nick said, sticking out his tongue.

"You're the one who won't sing with me."

"Fine, fine... okay. I'll sing with you..."

"Well the song is almost over." She laughed.

"Next one, I promise."

As they sat there in silence, they both started to think about how easily they can just talk to eachother and just have fun and let go. That's what they each loved about eachother. How they can just be themselves around eachother and not have any cares in the world.


Nick recognized the song right away. It was one of his favorites and sure enough, it definitely reminded him of Emma and all the times they use to spend cruising in his car on his days off or when she use to spend time with him on tour.

Emma looked over to Nick with a smile on her face. "Go!" She said, in between her laugh.

Baby let's cruise
Away from heeeeere

Don't be confused
the way it's cleeear

They both started singing together on the chorus. Their voices came together like a perfect harmony.

And if you want it, you got it forever
This is not a one night stand, baby, yeah so
Let the music take your mind, oooh
Just release and you find

You're gonna fly awaaaaay
Glad you're going my way
I love it when we're cruising together
The music is played for love
Cruising is made for love
I love it when we're cruising together

It was Nick's turn to sing by himself and Emma couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. Nick glanced over at Emma and noticed her smiled.

Baby the night... belongs to us
Everything's right, do what you must

Emma joined him again.

And inch by inch we get closer and clooooser
To every little part of each other ooooh baby, yeah so

Let the music take your mind
Release and you will find

You're gonna fly away
Glad you're going my way
I love it when we're cruising together
The music is played for love,
Cruising is made for love
I love it when we're cruising together

They couldn't stop smiling at eachother. She was the reason why this song was one of Nick's favorites. He just didn't tell Emma that.

Baby let's cruise
Let's glow, let's glide
Oooooh let's open up and go inside

And if you want it you got it foooorever
I can just stay there inside you
And love you baby

This part was perfect for Emma and Nick and they couldn't stop thinking back to the other night where they jump eachother and Nick spent most of the night making love to Emma.

Let the music, take your mind
Just release and you will find

You're gonna fly (away)
Yeaaaah I'm glad you're going my way
I love it when we're cruising together

I love it, I love it, I love it
You're gonna fly away
Yeah, glad you're going my way
I love it when we're cruising together
(The music is played for love)
It's love music
(Cruising is made for love)

And that was "Cruising Together" by....

Nick reached over and turned the volume down from the radio. He was about to say something until he heard Emma's voice. "Wow."


"That was... pefect." She whispered. "I loved it."

"Yeah, so did I. We sound good together."

"That we do." She said, smiling and looking over to Nick.

"You have an amazing voice babe."

"Well... you're not so bad yourself there."

They both laughed. "It's my favorite song."


"It..." Nick sighed. "I played it alot... when we weren't together... it reminded me of you..."

Emma was shocked to hear this. "Really?"

"Yeah. It reminded me of when we use to just go riding in my car to places we had no idea we were going."

"Like now?"

"No... see, this time is different."

"How so?"

"Because I already knew where to take you..." Nick whispered. He reached over and turned off the ignition.

"We're here?" Emma didn't even notice that had arrived to their destination.

"We're here."

As Emma looked out of the window to see where they were, she couldn't help but notice where they were.

Nick's beach house.

Chapter End Notes:

Song used: "Cruising Together" originally by Smokey Robinson, but I used the newer version that Gwyneth Paltrow/Huey Lewis did for the movie "Duets". This is how I envisioned Emma and Nick singing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHVhTFvhCMM&feature=related