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I stood in line backstage anxiously waiting in line for my turn to meet my idols. My heart was racing. My hands shook with excitement and a smile was plastered on my face.

I tried hard not to stare at Nick for foolish fear he'd look at me and think I was lame but I couldn't help it. That was when I took note of something very important. Each time a crazed fan stepped forward and freaked out over Nick he'd sigh deeply, flash her a real fake smile then roll his eyes as she walked away.

Now, the last thing I wanted was for my heart throb to think I was a total nut so I resolved to be different. I had to calm myself down and relax. So with that thought in mind I began breathing deeply and telling myself how normal Nick was.

Finally it was my turn. I took a final deep breath and stepped forward. Kevin was the first in their line. I politely smiled and he shook my hand.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked writing his name on a photo of the five of them.

"I'm Annie." I calmly told him.

He glanced at me awkwardly and replied, "Nice name."

I then stepped down as he passed the photo to AJ. "Hey cutie, how's it goin'?" He asked me writing down his name.

Inside I screamed but outside I remained calm, "Not much. Great job tonight."I told him.

"Hey, thanks." He grinned and passed the photo to Howie.

"Hey Annie." Howie grinned and shook my hand as AJ looked at Kevin then to me strange.

"Hi Howie." I smiled. He grinned, almost unsure what to make of me then gave the photo to Brian.

"Is Annie short for something?" Brian asked casually writing down his name.

I blushed, "Uh... yeah."

"That bad huh?" He laughed a little.

"Yeah." I casually grinned and nodded.

"Great to meet you." He said and passed the photo to Nick.

This was it, my big moment. I could see the four others whispering about me as I stepped toward Nick. I hoped they were speaking about how normal I treated them.

"Hey." Nick said not sounding very excited.

"Hi Nick." I calmly smiled even though I wanted to jump all over him and tell him how much I love him.

He looked up at me with a look that said he was anticipating another freak out.

I remained calm and said, "Thanks for signing that autograph for me."

"Uh... you're... welcome." He seemed thrown off by me. Honestly, I loved it. I nodded, took my photo from him and stepped away.

A giant goofy grin spread over my face as my back side was now to them. I couldn't believe I had just met Nick Carter.

I was almost clear of the room when I felt a large hand on my shoulder and a deep voice say, "Miss?"

"Yes sir?" I swallowed and turned. I feared the worst.

"Mr. Carter wants to see you again." He told me.

For a moment my breath caught in my lungs. "Me?" I asked... well squeeked.

He nodded and turned. I followed him and noticed Nick looking at me. As I neared him he stepped toward me and the others watched as he spoke, "Annie, I... you're... there's something about you that's different in a good way and I.. I just wanna know if you have any kind of on-line messenger."

I sucked in a deep, quick breath and nodded. I then yelled at myself, "He's normal. Act cool."

"Yeah, I have aim." I nodded instantly calm.

"Cool, uh, Gary you got something to write on?" He looked around him and grabbed a napkin of a near-by table. Handing it to Nick he said, "Here." Nick tore it in half, wrote something on one sheet then looked at me and asked, "What's yours?"

"Carter underscore girl underscore 1981." I told him hoping he wouldn't suddenly regret his choice.

"Awesome, I like it." He said writing something down. He then handed me a part of the napkin he had wrote on.

"Floridarocks012808?" I read and questioned.

"Yeah, message me. Gotta go." He said and jogged away. I watched him slide the napkin with my aim name on it in his pocket and went back to greeting fans.

With that "Gary" pointed back toward the exit and soft said, "You're lucky. He never does that."

Inside I smiled and as I passed through the exit I stopped to squeal.

My life had just changed... forever.

Chapter End Notes:

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