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Author's Chapter Notes:
Each chapter will be random scenes from Matt & Corey's wedding which help take us forward.
Cole, my co author Jamie's partner has written parts of this story with me.
Any mistake is ours as this story has not been beta read.
With this ring...
by Jamie, CJ & Cole

Moonlight made the pool sparkle. Two lovers stood entwined in a center, their lips fused together in a passionate kiss. Hands were gliding over wet skin, entwining in hair. Soft moans and pleas were answered with deeper kisses and wandering hands.

Lightning flashing across the sky along with a burst of thunder shot awareness through the older of the two and caused him to break their kiss and look up at the sky.

Corey whimpered in disappointment before quickly directing his attention from Matt’s lips to his chest. He began trailing his lips along his fiancÚ’s well defined chest while eagerly pressing closer to the older man.

“Core,” Matt sighed and reluctantly began easing Corey away from him.

“Matt please!” Corey pleaded and snuggled into Matt’s arms.

Matt groaned, “Its thundering babe. We have to get out of the water and indoors.” He ran his hands soothingly up and down Corey’s back.

His words penetrated the fog of bliss that had cocooned Corey in its grip. He looked up at the sky before sighing and allowing Matt to guide him out of the water.

Matt bit back a groan as Corey walked up the steps of the pool ahead of him. Water slid off his smooth almost hairless body, the sexy little shorts that AJ had got for him moulded his ass to perfection, the dark tattoo lay covered under a layer of water proof dressing taunted him that there was one more secret to this man’s body that he hadn’t had the pleasure of unveiling yet.

He fought against the urge to haul Corey into his arms. A constant chant of ‘Just four more days,’ ran through his head reminding him that he could hold back for that long after having held back for a year. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He’d hold back for both of them.

He closed the distance between them when Corey’s foot slipped on the wet ground and quickly lifted him into his arms, delighting in Corey’s surprised laughter. Corey’s didn’t protest and simply rested his cheek on Matt’s shoulder.

“Can I sleep in your room with you?” Corey asked softly.
He smiled when he felt Matt’s heart beat faster.

“You know I want to say yes sweetheart,” Matt said and he carefully eased Corey back on his feet. He picked up Corey’s towel and lightly blotted his body before wrapping the towel around his waist.

“But we’ve waited this long, now we may as well do it right,” Corey finished for Matt with a pout.

Matt wrapped a towel around his own waist and held out a hand to Corey.

“You wanted to wait all along because it was what you believed in. You’re obviously allowed to change your mind.” Matt faced Corey as they entered the elevator. “Are you sure this is you changing your mind for yourself or because you feel its ok now that you know that Nick and Kevin are sleeping together?”

Corey followed Matt onto their floor and grabbed his hand before shaking his head. “I’m sure this isn’t because of Nick and Kevin. I don’t know why I’m suddenly feeling this way,” he said shyly.

Matt suddenly turned and moved them towards his room. He turned his head and smiled at Corey, “Will you spend the night with me my love?”

A beautiful smile blossomed across Corey’s face as he nodded quickly.

Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you
I'm not alone, tell me you feel it too

Nick snuggled into the warmth surrounding him as he surfaced into wakefulness. Blue eyes opened slowly to look around the room while wondering what had woken him up. He sighed in pleasure as familiar strong arms tightened around him. He turned his attention to the man holding him and smiled sleepily.

Nick stayed in Kevin’s embrace and waited a few minutes trying to figure out what had woken him up. He sighed as Kevin’s hands began wandering over his body.

“Staying the night?” Kevin asked tiredly.

Nick had originally planned to go back to his room but hearing how tired Kevin still sounded he shook his head slightly. Spending the night with Kevin so that his boyfriend slept well was no hardship for him.

“I’m too comfy to move”, he said before placing a kiss on Kevin’s arm.

“Thank you,” Kevin said and gently tugged Nick closer.

Nick fell back asleep warm and comfortable in his lover’s arms.

I would love to love you like you do me
I'd love to love you like you do me

Nick leaned against the hallway railing and waited for Kevin. He smiled at AJ when he joined him.

“Morning. Did we sleep well?” AJ asked with a wink.

Nick smiled slightly, “Morning. Yes we did,” he said with a soft laugh.

“Did Kevin get any sleep?” AJ asked, all trace of mirth gone from his voice.

Due to Kevin spending the night at Nick and AJ’s apartment in London, AJ was well aware of the fact that Kevin experienced trouble falling asleep when he was stressed or in a new place.

Nick sighed in relief, “Thankfully he slept. He woke up a few times but went back to sleep pretty quickly. Guess he was just overtired enough for his body and mind to cooperate with each other.

AJ nudged Nick’s shoulder lightly, “Or his body and mind knew that you were with him and relaxed.”

Nick looked at AJ in surprise but didn’t argue. A part of him liked the idea of being needed by Kevin.

There's a pillar in my way you see
I'd love to love you like you do me

“Is everyone finally here? Did they enjoy the lunch?” Corey asked.

He was sitting in front of a mirror and frowning into it as he watched Josh run a flat iron through his hair.

“Everyone’s here and they loved the food,” AJ said with a smile. “Getting the Balinese dishes started right away was a good idea. Everyone was hungry, less cautious and more open to trying new dishes.”

Corey sighed, “Oh good! I was so worried that people would dislike the food.”

He fidgeted silently for a minute before asking softly, “Where’s Nicky? Is he with Kevin?” He felt bad for feeling sulky over the fact that Nick wasn’t there with him. His friend was happy and that’s all that should matter to him. He looked over at AJ and smiled slightly, “Nevermind.”

AJ exchanged a look with Josh, “Core, Nick is…”

“Right here.”

Corey looked up into the mirror and saw his best friend smiling back at him.

“Sorry babe getting some stuff from Matthew took longer than I expected and then I ran into dad and Jerald so I had no other choice but to abandon Kevin to them so that I could escape.”

Corey smiled, “I’m glad you’re here.” He looked at Josh and AJ, “All of you. I don’t think I’d be able to do this without you guys.”

The four friends shared a smile and came together for a hug, each one praying for only good things to come the other’s way.

Josh ushered Corey back into the chair in front of the mirror so that he could finish getting him ready.

“Sooo,” AJ said dragging out the word, “where were you?” AJ asked Nick casually.

Nick smiled, “I went to get this.” He held up a black box. “Matt’s dad sent it for you Core,” Nick said with a smile.

Nick walked up to Corey and held out a black velvet box to him.

Corey hesitantly accepted the box. Biting his lip he opened the box and stared in surprise at the delicate diamond tennis bracelet that lay twinkling inside. He had expected something big and flashy but the bracelet was identical to one that his father in law wore. He knew Jake had picked it out keeping his comfort and taste in mind.

He smiled as he thought back to when Matt’s dad had shown him the heavy ruby and diamond set that his mother in law had given him. While Corey had been aghast at the thought of handsome, elegant Jake wearing something like that he knew there was no way he’d be able to wear something so ostentatious. It would look completely out of place on him.

Jake had caught the look on his face and laughed before assuring him that he didn’t plan to get him anything similar. While his saying so had calmed him down, he’d still been worried as Jake had not hinted as to what he’d planned to get him.

He had known that Matt would keep a check of these things on him and not make him wear anything he was uncomfortable with. But in his heart he knew he’d wear whatever they gave him at least once out of respect. But wearing it at one of his wedding dinners where everyone would be looking at him had left him nervous.

He grinned and held his arm out to Nick so that he could put the bracelet on him. He had worried for nothing. His father in law obviously knew exactly what he’d be comfortable wearing and could use in the future.

It's a beautiful night
we're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you

Richard smiled as he came up behind his husband and fixed the clasp of the thin gold chain that he’d been struggling with.

“Thanks hun,” Jake said with a smile.

Richard gently rested his hands on Jake’s shoulders, “Ready to give our son away?”

Jake shook his head and reached up to squeeze Richard’s hands, “I’m ready to welcome our new son home.”

They shared a happy and content smile. Their son was marrying for love and that was one of the best things they could wish for him. The fact that Corey was such an amazing young man increased their happiness tenfold.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice

“This is so unfair,” Corey muttered as AJ took away his wine glass again.

Nick raised his eyebrows as he nibbled on a piping hot slice of pizza, “What is?”

“This!” Corey said while waving his hand around to indicate the Salsa Verde restaurant. “I still don’t get why we had to have separate welcome dinners.”

Nick slid a slice of pizza onto Corey’s plate, “This isn’t your welcome dinner, well not really. The formal one is tomorrow and Matthew will stay glued to your side for it.”

Corey groaned and rested his head on the table.

“You can go visit Matthew at his party for awhile tonight if you want to,” Nick said nonchalantly while sharing a smile with AJ.

Corey jerked his head up and stared at Nick.

“Or you can stay here and wait for Matt to come to you,” AJ said.

Corey stared at his friends wide-eyed, “Matt’s coming here?” he asked surprised.

“Uh huh, there he is!” AJ said.

Corey’s head whipped around so fast they were surprised he didn’t hurt himself. Not seeing his fiancÚ anywhere he turned back and pouted at how gleeful his friends looked.

“Meanies,” Corey said softly. “He’s not coming is he?”

“Yes he is. He’s right behind you,” Nick said casually.

Corey rolled his eyes and pouted, “Yeah like I’m falling for that again.”

“Hey baby,” a voice whispered in Corey’s ear before warm arms slid around Corey.

“Matt!” Corey turned his head and smiled at him.

Matt slid into the seat next to Corey, smiling as the young man leaned forward to kiss him.

When Kevin and Brian joined them at the table Corey finally understood why Nick had insisted they sit at a table for six. Throughout the past hour other guests joined them for a few minutes before moving onto another table. Now their table was finally complete. Nick winked at him and leaned back slightly into the arm that Kevin had slid over his chair.

“We’ll be back in a bit guys,” Matt said as he and Corey
walked away.

Kevin rested his hand on Nick’s shoulder and tugged him closer while leaning in to speak softly to him. “Where’s Jessica? Brian didn’t want to come knowing she’d be around.”

“She’s gone outside for a smoke with Annaliese. They have been glued together since they got here. Didn’t join us at all, just came by and said hello,” Nick said.

Kevin slowly rubbed his thumb back and forth along Nick’s neck. “We will leave once Matt does a round of hellos.”

Nick sighed and nodded, Kevin’s touch a mix between soothing and arousing.

Brian smiled at AJ, “How’s everything going so far?”

AJ took a sip of his wine and nodded, “Pretty smooth for the most part. Corey’s a bit cranky about all the socializing but with Nick around he hasn’t had to do much talking so far.”

“Good, that’s good. He shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable at his own wedding.” Brian hesitated before speaking, “Did you meet Jessica?” At AJ’s nod he continued, “I hope she didn’t take her irritation out on you.”

“Because I’m your date?” AJ smiled slightly. “I don’t think she knows yet. She won’t get far if she tries to say anything to me Brian. Firstly because Nick wouldn’t let her and second I wouldn’t. I don’t need anyone to defend me nor will I allow anyone to attack me.”

Brian slid his hand over AJ’s which was resting on the table and squeezed gently, “You’re doing me an incredible favour by being my date AJse let me know if anyone tries to upset you over it.”

AJ looked into Brian’s eyes and slowly turned his hand so that their palms pressed together. “I will.”

AJ smiled and reluctantly moved his hand away from Brian’s, his skin tingling from the contact.

Keep it going, let's not lose it
Feel the flow

Monique subtly tried to get in touch with her daughter while keeping an eye on her stepson and Kevin Richardson. She didn’t like how close together they were sitting, nor the way Kevin was touching Nick.

Unable to get through to Annaliese’s phone, she sent her a brief text message and hoped her daughter would come back quickly. The other guests had started noticing Nick and Kevin sitting together and talk had once again begun about how good the Carter-Richardson heirs looked together. Monique’s mood wasn’t helped by the fact that even she couldn’t dispute that they did indeed look very good together.

A few minutes later she observed Matt saying his goodbyes to Corey’s parents and decided to join Nick and Kevin. She decided to make Kevin stay until Annaliese arrived and then suggest that Annaliese accompany Kevin back to Matt’s party. Kevin wouldn’t be able to refuse and Nick would be left behind with his friend AJ.

Happy with her plan she stood up and moved towards her stepson and Kevin only to find that they’d joined Robert, Cara and Jerald.

“I’m taking Nick with me.”

Monique froze when she heard Kevin say that and hurried to join them.

“Kevin darling AJ will be left all alone here if you take Nickolas with you,” Monique said sweetly as she joined them.

“AJ’s coming with us Monique,” Matt said with a smile.

Before Monique could think of anything to stall them with Matt continued, “We’ll get going now. My parents are waiting for us.”

“Have a good time,” Cara said with a smile.

Monique knew she couldn’t ask them to wait for Annaliese and only hoped Annaliese could join them once she returned. She kept a blank expression on her face as she watched Kes arm around Nick while they walked off. She was confused as to why Cara, Jerald and Robert didn’t seem surprised at the way they were touching. Rolling her eyes she picked up another glass of wine and walked off to look for her daughter.

It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy,
that makes happiness - Charles Spurgeon

Corey stopped at the stairs leading into Watercourt Restaurant where the Sigmond’s close friends had gathered for dinner. The scene ahead of him looked and sounded very lively and happy.

As it usually happened with him, Corey froze up at the thought of having to join such a gathering where he knew he’d invite attention.

Nick immediately noticed the change in Corey’s body language and nudged Matt. Matt nodded his head and gently wrapped his arms around his beautiful man.

“Hey love,” he said softly and rested his chin briedly on Corey’s shoulder. “Everyone’s waiting for you if you’re ready to go in.”

Corey swallowed hard and slid his hand over Matt’s which was resting on his stomach. “They all know I’m coming?” he asked softly, his eyes glued to the laughing, talking people around Matt’s parents.

“My dad’s know I went to bring you, the rest think that it’s a rumour that you’ll come.” Matt nuzzled Corey’s neck gently. “We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to.”

Corey licked his lips, “But your parents… won’t they feel bad?”

Matt kissed Corey’s head, “They’ll understand. It’s entirely your decision sweetheart. No guilt involved.”

Corey turned his head and pressed his lips against Matt’s jaw. Hands firmly clasped together they walked up the steps and joined the party with their friends following a few steps behind.

I would run away
I would run away with you

Richard Sigmond’s smile widened when he saw Matt and Corey coming towards him. He excused himself from the friends he was with and went towards them.

“Corey you look wonderful!” Richard said as he held out his arms to Corey.

Corey smiled shyly and stepped closer to Richard. He was slowly getting used to the hugs Matt’s parents greeted him with every time they saw him. Truth to be told he loved how open and sweet his in laws were.

“Hi Rich,” Corey said sweetly and smiled when as expected Richard placed a kiss on his forehead.

Richard put his arm around his husband as he joined them. Jake smiled at him before turning his attention to their son in law.

“Corey, you look beautiful sweetheart,” he said as he leaned down to hug the young man gently.

Corey blushed as he always did when his gorgeous father in law complimented him. Jake was one of those
men who looked even more handsome as they aged.

“As do you Jake,” he said with a small smile.

“Thank you darling,” Jake said while moving aside so that the people gathering around them got a chance to meet Corey.

“You told everyone not to crowd him for long?” Jake asked as Richard hugged him from behind.

Richard kissed Jake’s cheek, “Yes. Don’t worry love we’ll get him to a table if people don’t give him his space in a few minutes.”

Jake smiled, “Thank you. I don’t want him to be uncomfortable.”

“He won’t be, not with you watching out for him,” Richard said before turning Jake’s head to capture his lips in a kiss.

A throat being cleared made them break their kiss to see Nick Carter grinning at them.

“Hey lovebirds.”

Richard released his hold on Jake allowing him to step forward and embrace Nick. “Hey adorable one.”

Nick had quickly endeared himself to the Sigmond’s when they’d begun meeting him socially. Getting to know him further as Corey’s friend only brought them closer.

“How are you? I’ve barely seen you since you’ve been home,” Jake said his eyes flicking to Kevin who was standing with AJ before meeting Nick’s again.

Nick pouted, “No fair! You’re the busy one! I’ve been to your house twice and both times you were at home.”

Richard chucked, “He’s got you there sweetheart.”

Jake grinned and held up his hands, “I can’t argue with that. I was covering a few extra shifts to be able to take more time off.”

“Without feeling guilty,” Richard murmured causing his husband to mock glare at him.

Nick frowned in confusion, “More time off?”

Jake nodded, “I want some time off when Corey and Matt come back from their honeymoon so that Corey’s not alone at home when these two are at work.”

Nick knew that being the head of oncology sometimes made it difficult for Jake to get away from his patients. For him to ask for time off so that he could be there for Corey touched him immensely.

He smiled and impulsively hugged Jake. “You’re just awesome you know that? Corey’s lucky to have you.”

This is the right time
Once in a lifetime

Matt brushed a light kiss across Corey’s lips. “I’ll grab some food and be right back ok?”

Corey smiled and nodded, “I’ll be here.”

He watched Matt walk off before looking around at the party that was slowly winding down with most of the guests going back to their rooms. He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and clicked a picture of Nick and Kevin dancing slowing to the music playing.

“Hey,” he said as Jake joined him.

“Hey,” Jake said with a tired smile as he sat down.

“Thank you for the bracelet,” Corey said quickly. “I like it very much.”

Jake’s smile widened, “I’m glad you like it Corey.”

“I love it all the more because it matches yours,” Corey said while moving his own arm so that it rested beside Jake’s. Their matching bracelets sparkled under the lights.

“I hope you like what I’ve picked out for the next three days too.”

Corey’s eyes widened, “You’re giving me something everyday?” he asked surprised.

Jake nodded, “It’s tradition in our family to do so.”

Corey shook his head in wonder. He’d never worn jewellery except for a watch and then his engagement ring. Now he’d own four pieces in four days.

Richard and Matt joined them a few minutes later. Richard stood behind Jake and massaged his shoulders drawing an appreciative sigh from Jake.

“What can I get you to eat sweetheart?” Richard asked.

Jake shook his head, “I’m not hungry Rich.”

Matt looked disapprovingly at his dad who shook his head.

“I’ve had a pizza and salad sent up to your room,” he said.

Richard smiled gratefully at his son before tugging Jake up. “Goodnight kids. Matt make sure you boys escort AJ, Nick and Corey to their rooms.”

“We will dad,” Matt said. “You just make sure papa eats.”

“I will,” Richard said. “Goodnight Corey.”

“Goodnight,” Corey said.

He watched them leave, concerned about how pale Jake suddenly looked.

Matt squeezed his arm. “He’s fine, just needs to eat and rest. His blood sugar tends to plummet quickly when he overdoes it.”

Corey nodded slowly and allowed Matt to distract him with food as their friends joined them at the table.

Cause I am falling in love
No never I'm never gonna stop
Falling in love with you


Matt and Corey walked hand in hand towards Corey’s room.

“Everything wrapped up early tonight,” Corey murmured.

Matt was well used to his fiancÚ’s voice getting softer as he grew tired. “I don’t expect us to be able to leave before midnight tomorrow though,” he warned Corey gently.

Corey nodded, “I’m going to spend the day in my room tomorrow. Probably only come down for breakfast.”

“Me too, some peace and quiet begins sounds good,” Matt agreed.

“You, Mr. Social want peace and quiet? Now that’s a new one,” Corey said with a grin.

Matt rolled his eyes and tugged Corey closer. “Yeah yeah it does tend to happen once in awhile.”

They slowed down as they reached Corey’s room, both reluctant to let go. Corey smiled shyly as he looked down at their hands before tugging lightly on Matt’s hand. He looked up at him, smiled and nodded. Seconds later both entered Corey’s room together.

Close the door, lay down upon the floor
And by candlelight, make love to me through the night