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A collection of one shots about the boys going back into the studio and working together for the first time as five! As told through some of the random pictures they will hopefully be posting along the way! :O)

Rated: G
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
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Genres: Dramedy
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Chapters: 12
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Word count: 29169
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Published: 07/08/12
Updated: 08/15/12
Story Notes:

Okay so, I know... and yes, I am still not writing regularly but this story came to me so quickly it pretty much wrote itself. I do not plan on writing any more novels but i'm hoping you'll get a few one shots from this London experience! Enjoy!

1. Here We Go Again by Mare [ - ] (2462 words)

2. Role Reversal by Mare [ - ] (2129 words)

Here's a Howie Story, enjoy :O)

3. Like Riding a Bike by Mare [ - ] (1862 words)

I admit this story isn't the most exciting thing i've ever written but I felt like it needed to be there. Enjoy!

4. A Day in the Life of AJ.... by Mare [ - ] (2409 words)

Before you read this one, i'm going to say I took a lot of liberties with this! None of the tweets or pics or bombs are actually real ones but all made up to fit with this story, so don't bother going in search of them because they do not exist. Sadly, I could see AJ easily doing all the things in here though. This story is either the dumbest thing i've ever written or one of the funniest. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I hope you guys think it's the latter of the two. Finally, I apologize to you AJ, but you had this coming for a while now! Enjoy!!

5. Sushi, Me and Howie D. by Mare [ - ] (2493 words)

6. The Business Meeting by Mare [ - ] (2671 words)

Here's a story with all five! They can easily read as chapters as well lol I just think they can also stand alone.

7. Casa De Backstreet Boys-ah by Mare [ - ] (2650 words)

8. Thoughts from the English Countryside by Mare [ - ] (2329 words)

This story seems a little off topic from the rest but it's kind of something i've been wanting to explore for awhile now. Hope you enjoy!

9. Let Them Eat Cake, Baby Cakes! by Mare [ - ] (2523 words)

This story is more like a captured moment in time. Nothing overly exciting happens but isn't that how it is in real life? LOL Hope you enjoy it!

10. Daddy's Ear by Mare [ - ] (2557 words)

11. Ghosts in the Attic by Mare [ - ] (2813 words)

12. Sam I Am by Mare [ - ] (2271 words)