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Author's Chapter Notes:

last one for today, promise.

Don't be confused by this chapter (not like you will) 

I think it fits into the story perfectly.


  1. Camille Tea

October 2015



“Wassup buddy? Something wrong?”

“The hell are you?”

There was a pause on the second line. Baylee held his breath, wondering if his father had forgotten. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“Garden, I figure,” came the long awaited answer.

“No you’re not! I’m in the garden!” Baylee yelled frustrated. He knew Nick could hear everything that was being said, but didn’t care. Nick had a right to know.

There was another long pause on the other end. Baylee had grown used to the time it took for his dad to find an answer to certain questions and he waited, although quite impatiently.

“I know you are Bub, I can see you.” The young child spun on his heels and saw his father sitting about fifty yards further, on a bench between his favourite two trees. Baylee rolled his eyes, sighed, and waved, a small smile forming on his lips. His dad was smiling too and waved back, cell phone in one hand, a cup of Camille tea in the other. Baylee’s smile grew bigger. He had been the one to make his dad Camille tea and he felt pleased that dad was actually drinking it. Or pretending to anyway.

Dad held the cell phone high with a questioning look. Oh yeah! Baylee had almost forgotten Nick was still on the other line. He wondered why Nick hadn’t called his father’s cell phone, but he knew the reason very well. Dad didn’t want to pick up any calls that weren’t from Baylee or mom.

Suddenly a yapping, woolly white form brushed against his ankles and raced into the open field.

“Momo, stay!” he ordered loudly and the tiny Maltese halted abruptly. Baylee smirked, glad that there was at least something left he could keep in control in his life.

“Go get dad,” he commanded. The dog didn’t move a muscle and stared up at his master expectantly instead. There was only so much you could expect out of a Maltese. He sighed again. The grass looked wet, and he had forgotten to put  his shoes on. Why his father didn’t come to him, Baylee didn’t know, but dad did a lot of things Baylee didn’t understand lately.

Cautiously and experimentally he put his right, socked foot on the cold morning grass, then jerked it back immediately, completely soaked. Looking up, he waved angrily at his father, signalling dad came to him. Finally taking the hint, the older man came trudging sluggishly towards him, his hands still full of telephone and tea.

“Wassup, Bay?” dad asked tiredly.

“You can put away the cell now, dad,” Baylee instructed. A strange look appeared on his father’s face and he took the phone from his ear, stared at it for a moment and finally hit the end button.

“Was there something in particular you wanted to tell me, Bub?” Dad smiled sweetly.

“You’ve got a call, and it’s Baylee, by the way.”

“Call? Who?” He could see the suspicion beginning to shape in his father’s eyes.

“I can’t tell you it’s a surprise,” Baylee said innocently.

“Gimme,” Dad replied quickly, the tension getting too hard for him.

Baylee handed over the phone, smirking. Finally something’s gonna get down! he thought as he heard his dad answer.