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A few hours later, the girls heard the door open and Lucas come in.


“Hey, sweetheart.” Lucas said leaning in to kiss Brooke on the cheek. “Hi Alissa. Get everything settled in? How are you feeling?”


“I’m feeling better but I do need to go get some aspirin for my head. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


After Alissa left the room, Lucas sat down next to Brooke with a serious look on his face.


“What’s the matter Lucas?”


“I’m glad Alissa left and gave us a few minutes alone. I know you’re not going to like this but I brought someone home with me. He’s outside.”


“Who is, never mind! It had better not be him, that dumbass! He’s not welcome here!”


“Ah, exactly which dumbass are you referring to?”


“Adam, right?”


Lucas shook his head no and hung his head down.


“Who then? Oh no! You’ve got to be kidding me! He didn’t do enough damage the other day? He caused Alissa’s accident! You brought him here!” Brooke yelled at her boyfriend. “You’re a dumbass too! Where is he?” Brooke jumped up from the couch and took off down the hallway.


Alissa, completely unaware of what was happening, came down the stairs and was almost knocked to the ground by her cousin who was charging to the front door in a fit of anger, Lucas running to catch up with her.  Alissa was walking to the door when she heard her cousin screaming at someone although she couldn’t tell who it was. She just hoped it wasn’t Adam.


“What are you doing here? You’re an idiot! You have no right to be here and you are absolutely not going to see my cousin!” Brooke screamed at the guy who was trying to step out of his car.


“Brooke, calm down honey!” Lucas pleaded with his girlfriend.


 “Please let me explain….” AJ ducked as Brooke threw a punch, narrowly missing him.


“Brooke, stop!” Alissa yelled at her cousin. “Stop right now!”


All 3 people in the driveway turned around to look at Alissa who was fuming.


“Go back in the house Alissa! This jerk was just leaving!” Brooke yelled at her cousin and turned around again to shove AJ back into his car.


“Wait! I just want to say something to your cousin.” AJ turned to face Alissa and asked quietly, “Give me five minutes and then I’ll leave, I promise.”


“Five minutes.” said Alissa, “And then you’re out! Brooke, can you and Lucas go back into the house please?”


“I’m not going back in that house!” Brooke’s voice faded as Lucas turned her around and forced her back into the house.


“Thank you for…” AJ was cut off by the look on Alissa’s face.


“I don’t know why you came here. You said everything you needed to say the other day. Considering the way that turned out, it’s probably not a good idea for you and I to have any more conversations. What do you think?” Alissa turned on her heel and starting walking up the driveway.


“Wait! You said you’d give me five minutes!” AJ shouted.


“Yeah, well I changed my mind. Get your four minutes some other time!” Alissa yelled, stepping through the doorway. She slammed the door so hard the glass almost shattered.


Well, that went well, AJ thought, as he got back in his car and sped out of the driveway.




Alissa slept like crap that night. She had spent hours tossing and turning until the sun started to poke through her window. Great, she thought, just what I needed, another lousy night’s sleep.


She got up, showered and changed and decided that maybe going for a walk down to the beach would help. She crept down the stairs so as not to wake her cousin and Lucas. She put on her sneakers, tied them and turned to go out the door. Before she even closed the door, she heard someone quietly say hello. She whipped around and could not believe what she was seeing.


“Seriously! What are you doing here?” Alissa said quietly.


“You told me to get my four minutes some other time and I was coming to see if I could get them today.” AJ said. “I was going to ring the doorbell but then you came out. You probably saved me from your cousin!”


“I can always go back in and get her!”


“No, no. Just give me the four minutes I lost yesterday ok?”


“Fine. I’m going down to the beach. If you want to talk to me, you can tag along for a few minutes.”


“Ok.” AJ jogged over to her and they began the walk down the dunes to the walkway for the beach.


For the few minutes, no one said a word. Neither one of them really knew what to say anyway. It’s not like they had the best conversation skills with each other considering all they’ve ever done was yell at each other.


Finally, AJ looked over and said, “I’m sorry for the other night. You and your card got under my skin and I lashed out at you when I saw you. I had no business saying those things today, but you have driven me nuts with that stupid card and you assuming you knew or know what I’ve been through.”


“This is your idea of an apology? Really? Well then, I’m sorry I sent the stupid card and I’ll make sure I keep my assumptions and thoughts to myself from now on. You can leave now!” Alissa turned around and walked back to the house leaving AJ standing there in the middle of the walkway trying to figure out what just happened.