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Nick was stunned. “You mean she didn’t do anything to you?”


AJ shook his head. “No, after I had that conversation with you, I called her and told her I wasn’t coming over. I hung up on her before she could respond.”


“Why did you do that? You just said that you wanted to see her again.” Kevin asked confused.


“I did want to see her again! But after I talked to Nick, I was afraid that I was going to get hurt. That I would feel something for her that she wouldn’t feel for me. I couldn’t stand the thought of that so I just cut her off. She tried calling me a few times and I let it go to voicemail.” AJ said choking up.


Brian got up, walked over to Nick and smacked him hard in the back of the head. “You’re the dumbass! How could you say that to him? Do you even think before you speak?” Brian said pissed that Nick had gotten too involved.


“I didn’t mean anything by it. I just didn’t want to see J get hurt with all he’s been through. I thought I was helping.” Nick started to tear up. “I’m so sorry J. I was just trying to help.”


“Well you didn’t!” AJ yelled. He shook his head and then turned quiet. “I shouldn’t have listened to you.”


Everyone sat there quietly, not knowing what to say.


AJ finally looked at Nick and felt bad for his friend. He knew he was looking out for him but he was still angry.


“I’m still pissed at you but I did this.” AJ said to Nick. “I knew better and I ignored how I felt. I’m as much of a dumbass as you are. This is my fault too.”


Everyone agreed with him but didn’t say anything knowing it wouldn’t be any use.


Suddenly AJ jumped up and started towards the door. “I have to go talk to her. I have to fix this before it gets any worse.” He ran up the stairs and down the block to get his truck.