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Denise drove straight to the studio after AJ’s panicked call. She told them that she would drive Brooke home and check to see if Alissa had come back. If not, she promised that she would stay there with Brooke while Lucas and the guys checked the hospitals and police station. She told AJ that she would call him as soon as she knew anything and made him promise to do the same.


They got back to the house and it was clear that Alissa had not made it home yet. Denise settled Brooke into the couch in the living room and decided to make them coffee. She was in the kitchen boiling water when she heard a banging on the door. She checked on Brooke and found her sleeping and went to the door to see who it was.


At first, she didn’t see anything except for a car that was flying out of the driveway. She turned to go back inside when she looked down and was horrified at what she saw. Alissa’s body was in a heap on the walkway leading up to the house. She ran down and checked her pulse. She was grateful when she found one but knew it wasn’t a strong one. She ran inside to get her phone and wake up Brooke. Both women raced outside to stay with Alissa. Brooke called 911 while pleading with her cousin to wake up.


Denise called AJ and told her son that he had to meet them at the hospital as soon as he could get there. She just hoped that it wouldn’t be too late.