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AJ raced out of the hospital and called Marcus to tell him to meet him as his house. He got there in twenty minutes and Marcus was already waiting for him.


“J, what’s wrong man?” Marcus said, grabbing him by the shoulders.


“I want you to find someone for me!” AJ demanded.


“J, I did that once before and look how that turned out.” Marcus shook his head. “Why do we have to find someone else?”


AJ explained the whole situation to Marcus and after he finished, Marcus picked up the phone and called a friend. Ten minutes later, they had what they needed and were on their way.


Brooke turned to watch AJ dash off and she knew she was right. He didn’t care about her cousin. He took one look at her broken, bruised body and took off. Damn him!


AJ and Marcus pulled up to the motel room and knocked on the door of Room 112.  When the door opened, AJ charged in grabbing Adam by the throat and throwing him against the wall.


“I’m going to kill you!” he screamed at Adam as Marcus shut the door.


Brooke did the best she could do to calm her cousin down and explain what happened. Alissa continued to cry and just kept looking at all her bruises. She started to remember exactly what happened.


“I have to talk to the police.” Alissa whispered to her cousin.


“Are you sure you’re up for that right now? You’ve been unconscious for three days and you just woke up a few hours ago.”


“I need to do it now.” Alissa said. Brooke called the officer on duty and they said that they would send someone over to the hospital to get her statement.


“J, you’ve got to stop! Now! You’re going to kill him!” Marcus grabbed AJ by the waist and spun him around so he was no longer in from of Adam who is in a ball on the floor.


“I know! That’s the point of this!” AJ screamed.


“No! You did want you came here to do and now we need to leave.” Marcus said firmly. He then turned to Adam and made it clear that if he reported any of this to the police, someone would be coming back to finish the job.


Marcus dragged AJ out of the room, threw him into the passenger side of the truck and took off.


“Where are you going Marcus? The hospital is the other way!”


Marcus shook his head. “You need to go home and clean up before you go see that girl again. You’re a mess and you can’t afford to scare her any more than she already is!”