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The guys met with management and the album would be ready in a few days. Everyone was excited to get a little down time before they had to start talking about the tour.  Brian pulled AJ aside as everybody was leaving and asked him how Alissa was doing.


“She seemed ok when I left his morning, just a little tired.” AJ said.


“This morning huh?” Brian raised his eyebrow and laughed loudly causing the other three guys to turn around.


“Did I just hear you say this morning J?” Howie teased him.


“Damn J, you didn’t waste any time did you?” Nick said punching him in the shoulder.


“Would you morons get your minds out of the gutter? We slept in the lounger together, that was it!”


Kevin laughed. “Sorry J, but when it comes to you, that’s the first place our minds go!”


“Screw you!” AJ laughed. “Seriously guys, I need to leave. I promised Alissa I would back in a few hours and I need to keep that promise.”


“Alright, since it’s for Alissa. We’ll let it slide this time.” Brian said. “Tell her we all said hi.”


“Thanks guys.” AJ left to pick up his truck and head back to Alissa’s.