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Alissa awoke the next morning to find AJ in bed next to her with his arm wrapped around her waist. She replayed the night before over and over again in her head. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d been this happy. She curled into AJ and felt him reach over and run his hand over her face.


“I love you Liss.” he said and kissed her. “I hope you’re not going to get tired of me saying because I have a lot of time to make up for.”


She kissed him back. “Never.” she smiled. “I love you too AJ.”  


She felt him pull her closer, bury his head in her hair and they both fell back asleep.


Brooke and Lucas pulled in a little while later and found the two of them out back sitting near the pool.


“Hey guys! How was last night?” Brooke said stepping out to the lawn. “You didn’t destroy too much furniture did you?”


“Very funny!” Alissa yelled and punched her cousin in the shoulder.


“Ow! You must be feeling better if you can hit that hard.” Brooke laughed. “What are you up to today?”


“Actually,” AJ said, “I was thinking that we could head over to Brian’s house. He and Leighanne are having a barbecue and they invited all of you.”


Alissa looked over at him. “How come you didn’t mention that last night?”


“I had to make sure you didn’t throw me out after what I said. It would a shitty party if I brought a girl who told me to take a hike and stepped all over my heart!” AJ laughed. “Hey, watch it!” he said, ducking to avoid the pillow that Alissa swung at him.


“Very funny!”


Brooke smiled when she saw the two of them together. They looked so happy and she was glad that Alissa had finally found a guy that would be good to her.  “What time do we have to be there?”

“In about an hour.”


Alissa jumped up, knocking AJ onto the ground. “Seriously? Thanks for the heads up.” She turned and ran into the house so she could change.


Fifteen minutes later, everyone piled into AJ’s truck and headed over to Brian’s.