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Everyone was there by the time the group arrived. Leighanne called them over and told AJ and Lucas that the rest of the guys were downstairs playing video games. AJ kissed Alissa and the guys bolted towards the basement. Leighanne laughed and invited Alissa and Brooke to join the girls around the pool.


“It’s nice to see you guys again.” Leigh said, standing up to give the two women a hug. Kristen nodded in agreement.


“Thank you for having us. Are you sure it’s not too much trouble?” Alissa asked.


“Not at all. We’re thrilled to have you guys over and get to know you a little better. I just hope you don’t mind a bunch of little kids. Baylee has friends over and they love jumping around in the pool. This, by the way, means someone is getting soaked. We’re hoping it’s one of the boys this time!”


Alissa laughed. “I love kids. I used to teach back in Boston.”


“Why don’t you go back into it?” Leighanne asked.


“Actually, I interviewed at a daycare center the other day. I’m hoping that I get it because it would be great to be around kids again. It’s actually the only thing I miss about my old life.”


“I hope you get it then.” Kristen said and smiled as one of the kids ran up to the women and asked which one of them was coming in the pool.


“My mom said that I’m not allowed to go in the pool without an adult.” the little boy said.


“We’ll be right here Chris.” Leighanne replied.


Chris looked sternly at them and replied, “My mom says that the adult has to be IN the pool with us.”


The women laughed and were about to see who would draw the short straw when Alissa volunteered.


“If I’m going to get back into teacher mode, I suppose this would be the perfect time.” she laughed and went to change.


The women chatted until Alissa came back.


“Wish me luck.” she said looking over at the kids. “I think I’m going to need it.”


She was right. She had just dove into the pool when the kids surrounded her and started splashing her and asking for piggyback rides around the shallow end.


Brooke laughed. “I guess it didn’t take her long.”


Leighanne agreed. “Let’s see how long she can take it for!”