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A few weeks later, Alissa and Leighanne joined the guys on tour. Leigh and Kristen were going to come out the next week.


The ladies were driven from the airport by a car service that dropped them off at the hotel. Leighanne checked them in at the front desk and got their room cards.


“Let’s get upstairs before the boys get back. They should be getting out of sound check in a few minutes!”


Leighanne was right. Alissa had barely gotten into the room before she heard the guys in the hallway.


“What time does the plane land?” Nick asked.


“7. Alissa said she’d call after they got their bags and we can head over and pick them up. I’m glad that we don’t have a show until tomorrow night.” AJ said turning to open his room door.


“Me too!” said Nick. “I don’t think we’ll be able to pry you off her until tomorrow anyway!”


AJ threw his water bottle at Nick and laughed.


Alissa heard the door unlock and hid behind the bathroom door. She was glad that she had told AJ that they were coming in on a later flight. This way it would be a surprise for him. She waited for him to get settled and then came out.


“Boo!” she said laughing.


“What the fuck?” AJ yelled spinning around. He was so shocked to see Alissa there that he didn’t know what to say.


“That’s all I get? No hug, no….” Alissa was cut off when AJ kissed her and pulled her into an embrace so tightly that she thought she’d suffocate.


He kissed her for what seemed like an hour before he relaxed his grip. “How’d you get here?’


“A car service. We took an earlier fly to surprise you and Brian. I think it worked!” Alissa laughed.


AJ just watched her. He had missed that smile so much over the last few weeks. He’d seen it on their video chats but nothing was better than seeing it in person.


“Definitely! I was planning a romantic evening but I don’t have anything planned for the afternoon. You should have told me Liss!”


“We’re pretty creative. I think we can find something to do.” Alissa said. “Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll wait for you out here.”


AJ pulled her tighter. “Uh-huh. I’m not spending one more minute by myself. You can join me!” he said picking her up and carrying her to the bathroom.