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Leighanne and Alissa decided to go shopping while the guys finished their sound checks. They stopped by a few clothing stores and then at a jewelry store.


“I’d really like to get AJ something that he can keep with him on tour. He’s always thoughtful and buying me gifts but I’ve never really given him anything.” Alissa said to Leighanne.


“You’ve already given him a present. You’ve given him his life back. I’ve never met a girl before that could keep up with AJ, much less keep him as happy as he’s been the last few months.”


“I appreciate that Leighanne. I know I’m not the type AJ usually goes for and I hope he won’t regret it.”


“He absolutely won’t. Like I said, I’ve never seen him be this happy.”




Alissa went over to one of the counters and noticed one particular necklace. It was one of the skull necklaces that AJ loved but it was in white gold and had a heart engraved onto the side of it. She called Leighanne over to ask her opinion.


“I think that would be great. Are you going to get it engraved?”


“I think so. I want to put “More Than That” on the back. Is it possible to do that?” Alissa asked the clerk.


“Absolutely. If you can come back in an hour, I can have that done for you.”


Alissa paid for the necklace and said she would be back in an hour.


The guys were getting ready to go onstage when Leighanne and Alissa showed up at the stadium.


“I thought you guys got lost or something.” AJ said pulling Alissa into a hug. He kissed her and brought her over to the seats she and Leighanne would have for the show. “I put you where I can keep an eye on you. I don’t want you running off with some other famous guy.” AJ winked, told her he loved her and kissed her again before they got into position for the show.


Alissa and Leighanne yelled for the guys as loudly as any of the other women in the stadium. Alissa remembered the concert that she and Brooke had attended back in California before the whole thing happened with Adam and the card. She was so much happier this time and she got to watch the man she loved do what he loved. 


AJ and the guys were coming to the end of the show and before they did the next few songs, they agreed to let AJ speak.


“Hey everyone!” AJ yelled drowned out by all the screams. “I want to dedicate this song to someone special. I know it’s her favorite and every line is true. Here’s to you” and he pointed to Alissa on the side of the stage.


As the strains of “More Than That” started, Alissa sang along with the words knowing that AJ meant every single one of them.