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After the show, AJ and Alissa declined the invitation to go out with the group. They decided to head back to the hotel and relax since Alissa’s flight would be leaving in the morning.  They showered, changed and climbed into bed.


Alissa had her head on AJ’s chest and was running her hand up and down his side when she reached over him to get something out from underneath his pillow.


“Hey, watch it you! Are you trying to get things going? All you had to do was say so.” AJ said and started kissing her neck.


“AJ wait!” she giggled. “I want to give you something!”


“You don’t have to give me anything. You’re the best present I could ever get!” AJ smiled down at her. “You’re all I want.”


Alissa smiled. “That’s good to know. I still wanted to get you something though. I hope you like it.”


She handed the box to AJ opened it to find the necklace she’d picked out for him.  He turned it over in his hands and read the inscription. He just stared at it.


“Do you not like it?” Alissa asked. Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten it.


AJ looked at Alissa and pulled her to him. “I absolutely love it!” He kissed her and tightened his embrace around her. “I love you Liss.” he whispered. “I love you and that’s never going to change.”


He kissed her again and they decided to make the most of the few hours they had left.


AJ took Alissa to the airport in the morning and they were both disappointed that she couldn’t stay longer.


“Are you sure you have to head back so soon?” AJ asked with a frown.


“Unfortunately, I do. I have to get back to work and I need to let you do the same thing. We barely left the hotel room since I got here. I think it would be awfully hard to do a concert from your hotel room!” Alissa laughed. “Although, I’m sure most of your fans wouldn’t mind it at all.”


He grinned. “You’re probably right. That’s an interesting idea. Maybe we could talk to management about it for the next tour…..”


“Wise ass!” Alissa said and elbowed him the stomach.


AJ laughed. “I’m just kidding. The only woman I want in my hotel room is you.”


He wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her.  The agent at the counter called Alissa’s row.


“That’s me. I have to get going.” she said with a tear running down her face. “I’ll see you again soon, ok?


“You will. I love you Liss and I’m always with you. Call me when you get home so I know that you’re safe ok?”


“I will. I love you!”


Alissa kissed AJ again and boarded the plane.