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AJ tried calling Alissa on Tuesday night but couldn’t get ahold of her. He called his mother and asked if she had talked to Alissa.


“Not today sweetheart. I had dinner with her last night. I know she had a busy day today, a few meetings and some last minute errands she wanted to get done. She probably fell asleep early. Do you want me to call her?”


“No, Ma. It’s alright. I just wanted to make sure she was picking me up tomorrow.”


“You know she will. She was doing a happy dance yesterday when I was over. She’s so excited that you’re coming home. She’s not going to miss a chance to greet you personally!”


AJ laughed. “You’re right. She’s probably asleep. I’m going to keep her up nights once I get home so I’ll let it slide tonight.”


“AJ!” his mother scolded.


“Just kidding! Try and get some sleep too Ma and I’ll call you tomorrow.


“Ok sweetheart. Love you.”


“Love you too Ma.”