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“Hey J, are you ready? We need to be onstage in about 30 seconds! Let’s go!” yelled Nick, breaking AJ out of his fog.  He quickly folded the card and letter and put them back into his jacket pocket.


“I’m ready. Let’s do this!”


About 2 hours later, the boys went back to their dressing rooms and found the girls waiting for them. Leigh, Leighanne and Kristen were excited to see their husbands finally after a 3 month tour.


“I missed you!” Leigh said and kissed Howie drawing him in.


“Bay is waiting to see his daddy and so am I!” laughed Leighanne. “Can we go home now?”


“Guys, mind if we cut out?” Kevin asked slipping his arm around Kristen’s waist.


“I think everyone should head home. It’s been a long 3 months and we all need a rest.” Brian said.


“J and I are gonna hang out for a little bit but you guys go home before these ladies decide to divorce you!” laughed Nick as Kevin gave him a swift kick in the ass.


As the others headed out, Nick asked AJ to hang out and talk.


“Hey man, I have to ask you something. I saw the card out on the table before we went onstage tonight. I’m surprised that thing hasn’t fallen apart considering how many times you stare at it. Are you ever gonna do something about it or are you gonna let it eat at you for another 10 years?” Nick asked quietly.


“What do you mean eat at me? That stupid card doesn’t mean anything to me!” AJ yelled and his anger starting to spill over. “That woman had no business pretending to know how I feel!”


“Ok, ok. So if it’s nothing then why are so upset about it? Why don’t you just throw it out and not worry about it. It’s not like you know the woman.”


AJ thought about it for a minute and realized that Nick was right, He didn’t know anything about this woman other than her name and he had no idea why he was getting defensive and agitated about a stupid card. 


“You’re right Nick. I’m gonna throw it out and not worry about it anymore.”


AJ threw the card in the trash and said “Let’s get out of here.”


As AJ and Nick were leaving, Marcus, one of the J’s bodyguards, noticed AJ throwing something in the trash. He walked over and fished out the card. As he turned it over, he realized that it was the card AJ carried with him everywhere. He’s gonna miss this tomorrow, thought Marcus, even though he won’t admit it.  The bodyguard slipped the card into his bag and decided to hang onto it just in case AJ changed his mind.