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The woman standing in front of her was about 25, tall and from the looks of it, about 6 months pregnant. There was something about her that looked familiar but Alissa couldn’t place it.


“Can I help you?” Alissa asked.


“I’m looking for AJ. Is he here?”


“Um, no, he’s not here right now. Is there something I can do for you?” Alissa waited for the woman to respond. 

The woman pointed at Alissa’s necklace. “Nice necklace. AJ give it to you? He gave me this one.” and pointed to her chest.


Suddenly, it felt like the breath had been sucked out of Alissa’s body. That’s what was familiar. The woman had the same necklace with AJ’s birthstone and what Alissa assumed was the woman’s.


Alissa just stood there for what seemed like an eternity not knowing what to say.


The woman finally broke the silence by thrusting a paper into Alissa’s hands. “Here, give this to AJ. Tell him that it’s the answer to his question.” She turned and got into her car. She put it in reverse and sped out.


Alissa, still shaken, looked down at the paper in her hands. She opened it and all she saw before she started sobbing was the name of a DNA testing laboratory and the results that AJ was the father of this woman’s child.



The woman left Alissa standing there in the driveway and drove around the corner to meet the man who paid her to go over there.


“Hey, I did what you asked.” she said getting out of the car and pulling the fake bump out from underneath her shirt. “ You owe me $100.”


Adam smiled. “How’d she take it?”


The woman shrugged. “I saw her start crying as I left. I have to say, the necklace was a nice touch. She looked like she wanted to die when I pointed out that we had the same one.”


Adam paid the woman and smiled. He was remembering the day he saw AJ coming out of the jewelry store. He watched him leave and then went in and asked the clerk what he had been in to buy. The clerk wasn’t going to tell him but he said that he recognized AJ and figured whatever he bought would be something that his girlfriend would like. The woman explained it to him and he asked her if she could make another one.


“This girl must have really messed with your head. Is that all you need? I wanna head out if you don’t need anything else.”


“I’m all set. You just made my night.” Adam grinned to himself. AJ and that stupid bodyguard told him not to touch her again. Hey, I did what they asked he laughed.