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Denise showed up unexpectedly the next morning at Brooke’s house.  When she door opened, she was taken aback to find Alissa waiting on the other side.


“So he really did see you.”


Alissa nodded and stepped aside so that Denise could come in. The women walked through the kitchen and went outside to sit with Brooke.


“Surprise.” Brooke said quietly to Denise.


“It’s definitely a surprise. AJ told me he saw Alissa driving past him the other day and I was sure he just saw someone who looked like her.”


Denise turned to look at Alissa. “Not that I’m not happy to see you but why did you come back? You were very clear the last time that you didn’t plan on ever returning.”


“Brooke’s pregnant.”


“Congratulations sweetheart.” Denise said hugging Brooke.


“Alissa came back because I got sick and needed someone to take care of me.”


“I’ve messed up enough and hurt too many people. I needed to stop running and be there for my cousin so I came back.” Alissa said softly.


Denise felt bad for the position Alissa was in.


“Well, for whatever its worth, I’m glad you came back.” she said hugging her. “To be fair though, I should tell you that AJ may not exactly feel the same way. I tried to talk to him yesterday and when I mentioned that I had seen you, he flipped out on me and left. I never got to explain anything to him. I asked Brian to go over and talk to him, but I’m not sure if he was able to get through to him.”


Alissa hung her head. “I don’t expect him to be happy to see me. I expect him to hate me and to tell me to go to hell.”


“Oh honey,” Denise said taking her hand, “AJ doesn’t hate you. He’s angry right now and he lashes out. I can tell you right now that if he didn’t love you, there’s no way he’d be this upset.”


“Thanks Denise but I’m not expecting anything. It’s probably in the best interest of everyone for me to avoid AJ completely. He’s moving on with his life and I don’t want to come back in and mess everything up again.”  Alissa stood up and gave Denise a hug. “I’m happy that I got to see you but I have to go pick some things up for Brooke. I’ll see you later.”


The women watched her leave and decided that she had no idea what she was talking about and if she and AJ were too damn stubborn to do something, then the rest of them would do it for them.