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Alissa stood in the middle of her empty apartment. She’d been there for weeks now and all she managed to do was to buy a bed that she never slept on. No bed would ever be ok without AJ in it so she had taken to sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. That was when she could sleep. All she could do was replay that night over and over again.


When she left AJ’s house, she had no idea where to go. Her heart had shattered and she had no one to turn to. She couldn’t even go to Brooke because that would be the first place AJ would look for her. Alissa hadn’t even called her to tell her she was ok.


She quit her job at the daycare center and stayed in a hotel for a few days. She thought about going back to Boston but there was nothing there for her either. After she left the hotel, she found an apartment for rent about 3 hours south of everyone.  Alissa figured that would give herself enough space and there wasn’t much of a risk that she would run into anyone.


Alissa finally snapped out of her thoughts and walked over to the window. I wonder if AJ’s ok she thought to herself.