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After leaving Alissa’s, AJ drove straight to his mother’s house. He went racing into the house and found his mother in the living room.


“Oh my God AJ! What happened?” she asked as he collapsed onto the couch.


“I scared her. I promised her I would never to do that and I did it anyway!”


“Slow down AJ. I don’t understand.”


“I scared Alissa.”




AJ took a deep breath. “I went to Brooke’s to talk to her. I was planning on listening but she started to get angry at me. Then I got angry and we started screaming at each other. She told me that I didn’t love her and I just wanted to sleep with every woman that came my way. I got so angry that I picked up a vase and threw it. She was terrified.”


“Oh AJ.” was all Denise could say as she hugged her son.


“All I wanted to do was talk and now I fucked up any chance of doing that. She’s never going to want to be in the same room as me.” AJ said, breaking down in tears.


Denise held her son knowing that nothing she could say would help. She asked him to stay in the guest room that night because she didn’t want him to be by himself.  AJ agreed and when upstairs to try and sleep. As soon as she heard the bedroom door close, she called Brooke.