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Denise greeted Alissa at the door the next morning. She hugged her and brought her down to the kitchen.


“I was so glad when your cousin called and said you were coming over.”


Alissa looked around. “Is AJ here?”


“He’s upstairs. Want me to go get him?”


“Please. Mind if I wait outside?” She saw a look pass over Denise’s face. “I promise not to leave.” she said with a smile.


“Just what I wanted to hear.” Denise said and left to get AJ.


Alissa wandered out to the patio and tried to prepare herself.


“AJ? Are you awake?” Denise asked opening the door to the guest room.


“Yeah.” said AJ sitting on the bed. “I’ve been up for a while now. I can’t get what happened out of my head. I really fucked up and now it’s unfixable.”


“Don’t bet on that.” Denise said with a smile. “Someone’s here to see you.”


Before she could say anything else, AJ jumped out of bed and bolted down the stairs. He flew around the corner in the hallway and was surprised to see the empty kitchen. He was looking around thinking maybe she had left when he finally spotted her on the patio.