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By the time AJ and Alissa left the house a few days later, everyone knew they were back together. The guys were thrilled and Brooke was happy to see the life back in Alissa’s eyes.


Brian planned a huge party at his house to celebrate. The guys, their wives, Denise, Brooke and Lucas were all there. AJ and Alissa were shocked when they saw everyone.


Nick bounded over to them and put AJ in a headlock.


“You don’t know how excited everyone is to see you two back together. Now AJ can stop being such an asshole!” he said backing away quickly.


AJ spun around, grabbed Nick and threw him into the pool. He was still standing there laughing when he saw Alissa coming up behind him out of the corner of his eye. He turned around just as she was going to push him in and grabbed her by waist, pulling her in with him.


Everyone laughed as the three of them bobbed up and down in the water.  AJ pulled Alissa over to him and leaned in to kiss her.


She laughed and whispered, “Everyone’s watching AJ.”


AJ smiled. “I don’t care who’s watching. I love you Liss and I’ll kiss you whenever I damn well please!” He kissed her again just to prove that he meant it.


AJ announced to Brooke over dinner that Alissa would be moving back in with him. He said they would go over and pick her stuff up in the morning.


“Don’t you guys want to ease back into this slowly?” Brooke asked laughing.


“Hell no!” AJ said. “You guys will need space for the baby and I’ve spent enough time away from Liss to last me the rest of my life. I’m not planning on being away from her for a long time. If you’re that concerned though, we could both live with you!” he said winking.


“As a great man once said, hell no!” Brooke yelled causing everyone to laugh.


After everyone returned to talking, Alissa smiled at AJ and whispered, “You know you’re probably going to get sick of me after a while.”


“There is absolutely no chance of that ever happening.” AJ whispered back. He smoothed her hair out of her face and kissed her.