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Brian and Nick called Denise on their way home.


“You have to go over there. He’s a mess and he won’t listen to us. He slammed Brian into a wall!” Nick told her.


“Oh my god!” was all Denise could say.


“Please go over and talk to him. I know you’ve tried before but I think it’s time you go over there.”


Denise told them that she heading over right now and then hung up with the guys and drove over to AJ’s house. The boys had already told her what the house looked like but nothing could have prepared her for the sight when she walked in.


“AJ? Where are you?”


She wandered around the first floor calling his name when she realized he was sitting out by the pool. She walked over, sat down next to her son and waited for a few minutes.


“AJ, this has got to stop. You’ve destroyed your house and now you’re destroying yourself. I can’t watch you do this anymore.”

“There’s no more destroying to do. She destroyed me the minute she left. There’s nothing left here anymore.”


Denise sighed. “Have you tried calling Brooke again? Maybe she’s heard from her.”


AJ looked at his mother. “Don’t you think I’ve tried that? She hasn’t heard from her, no one has. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I don’t care about it and I’m done dealing with all this. I’ll play your game and I’ll fix the house tomorrow, but please leave me alone tonight.”


He got up and walked into the house.


Denise knew that he was just lying to himself. He loved her fiercely and would never stop. She decided that she would go see Brooke herself tomorrow and try to find a way to find Alissa and save her son.