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The guys had been on the press tour for almost two weeks now and AJ was slowly rejoining the group.  One night, they decided to go out to a club and blow off some steam. He had promised the boys that he wouldn’t drink and he stuck to that.


An hour or so after they had gotten there, a group of girls had gone up to AJ and pulled him out to the dance floor. He blocked out everything in his mind and just let the music loosen him up. The girls were pretty and he figured that this might be a way to not think about Alissa, at least for a little while.


He left before the rest of the group and headed back to the hotel with a cute blonde.  They arrived at his room and he asked her to spend the night.  Screw Alissa he thought. He didn’t owe her anything anymore.


Alissa finally made it back to work. She apologized to her boss and he agreed to let this absence slide. He told her in no uncertain terms, however, that the next time she disappeared, she should stay gone.


She was about an hour into her shift when she noticed the TV. It was tuned into one of those celebrity news shows and they were talking about the guys’ press tour.  All of a sudden, the host mentioned AJ’s name and they cut to a picture of him entering his hotel hand and hand with a pretty blonde.


Alissa dropped the tray she was holding.  Her heart sank and she realized that AJ had finally gotten over her. That was it, there was no going back now. She ran out of the bar and jumped into her car speeding off.