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AJ had been in the hotel room with the blonde for about 15 minutes. She was coming onto him and trying to get him into bed. He couldn’t understand what his problem was. He was single and she was good looking.


She put her arms around him and started to kiss his neck. Even though this woman was standing in front of him, all he could think of was Alissa. He remembered how it felt to touch her and kiss her. He immediately pushed the woman away and told her to leave. She refused at first but then noticed the look on his face. The blonde left and AJ just sank onto the bed. He curled up into a ball and started to cry.


Alissa packed her bags and left her apartment. She had to find somewhere else to go. There was no point in staying there anymore. Everyone was just fine without her and AJ had found someone else to love. Nobody needed her around, she was just extra baggage.


She drove and drove until she found a place that looked secluded enough to stay. She considered calling her cousin to tell her but decided not to. There was no point.