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Alissa spent the next week taking care of things for the baby. It was great that Lucas and Brooke were letting her stay there but she knew that once the baby came, she was going to need more space. She looked at a few apartments and found a cute one down by the beach that would be up for rent in a month. It would be tough timing, having a baby and having to move, but she knew that two babies and three adults living in the same house was going to wear thin after a while. She spent the rest of the afternoon picking up little odds and ends and decided to grab dinner on the way home.  


A few hours later, she was settled in on the couch watching a movie. She was so tired that she fell asleep a couple of minutes into it. After being asleep for about an hour, she woke up suddenly, clasping her stomach. There were these intense pains and she felt like she was going to be sick.  She started crying and felt another wave of pain flood over her.


She tried calling Brooke but her phone was out of range and went to straight to voicemail. Another wave of pain hit and she could barely stand. She knew she needed to get to the hospital but she was in so much agony that she was having trouble thinking. Dialing the phone, she called Denise at home and hoped that she would be able to help.


The phone rang three times and someone answered. Suddenly, a new wave of pain hit her and all she could do was scream into the receiver. She dropped the phone and curled into a ball on the floor. All these horrible scenarios came flooding into her head as another round of pain entered her body. She was barely holding on and prayed for dear life that Denise had heard her.


AJ heard Alissa scream and dropped the receiver. He flew by his mother without saying a word and out to his truck throwing it into drive. Calling 911, he sped towards Brooke’s house. He explained to the operator that Alissa was about 8 months pregnant and had called screaming in pain. Driving well past the speed limit, he got there just as the ambulance was pulling in.


He didn’t wait for the EMTs to say anything. Throwing open the front door, he ran down to the living room where he knew the phone was. He found Alissa curled into a ball on the floor, sobbing and gritting her teeth as pain rocked her body. Dropping down, he pulled her into his arms and yelled for the paramedics to come down the hall. They got Alissa to uncurl and tried to ask her some questions but all she could do was cry and scream when the next pain hit.  The medics got Alissa strapped into the stretcher and started to take her to the ambulance. AJ explained that he was the father and begged them to let him ride with her to the hospital. The EMT finally agreed and AJ climbed into the back holding onto Alissa’s hand, whispering to her that he was there. He didn’t know if she could even hear him and he didn’t care. He just wanted to be with her.


The drive to the hospital seemed like it was taking hours. They finally pulled in to the emergency room dock and Alissa was whisked away. The nurse told AJ that he would have to stay in the waiting room until the doctors examined her.  He paced back and forth calling his mother and the guys. His mind was racing and he felt like he was losing it.  The guys and Denise showed up at the same time and they were shocked to see the state that AJ was in. He looked like he could destroy the whole room in a minute’s time.  All they could do was be there for him and wait for the next two hours to find out what had happened.