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Alissa awoke the next morning to an empty bed. She thought she had dreamed up last night till she saw the note and flowers on the bedside table. 


Hey Liss,

I ran out to get a few things. You might want to get your lazy butt out of bed for a little bit today. You’re going to have some company!

Love, J


Seriously AJ? She thought to herself. Who one earth was coming over? She felt like a house and really didn’t want any company.  Walking to the bathroom, she paused to look at herself in the mirror. Wow, her reflection wasn’t pretty. She decided to shower and put on a cute sundress that looked good on her. Thankfully, it was roomy enough for the baby.


After puttering around the room for a little bit, she decided to head downstairs. She managed to make it downstairs and outside to the lounger before she felt the tiredness set in.  Sitting down, she lay back and tried to enjoy being out in the sun for a bit.


AJ got home and went upstairs to check on Alissa. He walked into the room and it was completely empty. He started panicking and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Heading into the living room, he passed the slider and noticed she was sitting on the lounger outside.


“Have you completely lost your mind?” he yelled running over to her.


“God, you scared the crap out of me! No I haven’t lost my mind!”


“Why the hell are you out here?”


“You told me to get my lazy butt out of bed and that we were having company.”


“I didn’t mean it literally!”


“Well, I guess you’ll just have to be clearer next time.” She paused. “Why are you so upset?”


AJ dropped down onto the lounger next to her and reached for her hand. “Anything could have happened. You haven’t been out of bed in a few days. What if you fell or something else? You should have waited for me to get home if you wanted to get up.”


Alissa squeezed his hand. “You’re right, I have been in bed for days. And it’s driving me insane! I can’t just sit around and do nothing. It’s not like me.”


AJ frowned. “But the doctor said strict bed rest…”

“I know exactly what he said. I still need to move around some though.”


She saw the concern in his eyes and felt bad for not waiting for him.


“I promise no more moving around without you being around ok?”


“Good! I just really think…”


Alissa leaned over and kissed him gently. AJ pulled back slowly.


“You know you can’t just kiss me every time you want me to be quiet…”


She kissed him again with more force this time. Bringing her hand up to his face, she cupped his chin and brought his eyes in direct focus with hers. “Yes I can.” she said and smiled.


AJ grinned and lay back on the lounger drawing her in close. 


“I may have to start talking more just to get……”


Alissa giggled and put her finger up to his lips. “You’re pushing it buddy!” She kissed him again and buried her head in his shoulder. They lay there for a little while until they head the doorbell ring.


AJ jumped up and ran to get it.  He came back into the yard followed by all the guys, the wives and the kids.


“Surprise!” everyone yelled.


Alissa’s face broke into a grin. It had been a long time since she had seen any of them and she missed them. She had to admit that it was great having them and she was determined to enjoy her brief stint away from a bed.