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The guys left a few weeks later on the tour and Alissa joined Leighanne, Leigh and Kristen at the airport to say goodbye. While everyone was saying their goodbyes, AJ pulled Alissa aside to remind her that everything would be ok.


“I’ll call you when we land and later on tonight ok? You’re still coming out to see me in two weeks right?”


Alissa nodded. She had already made plans to come out a few times while they were away.


“Definitely! I am not going to miss out on any opportunities to see you!”


AJ smiled. “That’s what I like to hear. “ The flight attendant announced the boarding of their flight.

“Come here.” He pulled her in tight and kissed her deeply. “I’m going to miss you.” he whispered in her ear.”


“I’m going to miss you too. I love you AJ.” she said and kissed him again.


“Love you too Liss.” AJ smiled and joined the other guys to board. He turned around at the door and saw Alissa standing there waving at him. He was so thankful that he had this woman in his life.


Alissa went over to Brooke’s after the guys left. She knew seeing Anne would at least put her in a better mood. As soon as Brooke opened the door, Alissa plucked Anne out of her arms and sat down on the couch.


“How’s my little girl?” Alissa asked cooing at the baby.


“I’m great. Thanks for asking. Nice to see you too!” Brooke said teasing her cousin. “It’s wonderful to know that I’m such an important part of your life!”


Alissa laughed. “Sorry Brookie. I love you too, but your daughter’s so much cuter!”


“You’re lucky you’re holding my daughter you brat or else I’d smack you!” Brooke said, flopping down on the couch next to her cousin. “Seriously though, Anne loves you. I wish you and AJ would settle down and have some kids. You’re going to make an amazing mom someday.”


Alissa looked horrified. “Please, please, please do not ever say that in front of AJ.”


“Why? It’s not a big deal.”


“Apparently to him, it is. He damn near had a coronary when I teased him about baby names at the hospital.”


“You never told me that.”


“It wasn’t really the perfect time. I’m just telling you to curb all baby talk around him. I mean, we’re not even engaged and I can see how talking about it freaks him out.”


Brooke sighed. “Isn’t he always talking about how you two are going to be together forever and that he can’t imagine his life without you? When is he going to get his act together and just commit?”


“I don’t know and I’m not about to push. I love him and our life together. We’re both happy and we love each other. That’s all that matters right now. Please don’t push about this.”


“Ok, ok. I won’t.”


“Pinky swear?”


Brooke laughed. “Pinky swear.”


Alissa smiled and turned her attention back to her niece.