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Kat and Brenda had dinner made by the time the guys got home.

“Something smells really good.” AJ said, wrapping his arms around Kat and kissing her.


 “Hungry. We all know that Nick.” Brenda said teasing him. “That’s why we started the food early.”

 “What are we having?”

 “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and salad. Everyone go sit, the food’s ready.”


“Why can’t you move out to Cali sooner Kat? Do you really have to wait until January?” Nick whined after getting his third serving.

 “Hold up there Nicky. Kat is not moving to Cali to cook for you!” AJ said.

 “You can’t keep her all to yourself J. That’s not fair, I’ll starve!” Nick said with the puppy dog eyes.

 Kat laughed. “I’ll cook for you when I move out there Nicky. Maybe I’ll even send you some stuff between now and then.”

 “See J? This is why I love her more than you!”

 “Whatever.” AJ said elbowing him. “Enjoy it now because you’re not staying with us when she comes out!”

 Brenda had to smile watching them go back and forth. She was happy that Kat was moving but she was going to miss all this. It was tough for her to see her best friend leave.

 They finished eating and everyone cleaned up. Brenda left to go home because they had to work and Nick headed to bed since the guys were leaving early the next morning. Kat and AJ crawled into bed and tried to enjoy the little time they had left.

 “I’m really going to miss this.” AJ said, wrapping his arms around her tightly and burying his face in her hair.

 “Me too.” Kat said quietly. “I wish I could move out to Cali sooner but I have to finish out the term here.”

“I know.” AJ said sadly. “You’re still coming out for Thanksgiving right?”

 “Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see you.” she said looking at him with a smile.

 He smiled back and thought for a few seconds. “Think Brenda might want to come out with you?”

 “I might be able to talk her into it. Why?”

 “I think it might be nice for her and Nick to hang around for a bit. I think Nicky has a crush.”

 “Duh.” Kat said laughing. “Brenda likes him too although I don’t know how serious it is.”

 “Neither do I but it can’t hurt anything.”

 “I guess not. I’ll talk to her and see what she says.”

 “Good.” AJ said and pulled her closer. “Let’s try and get some sleep. I know you have to work and we’re leaving early.”

 “I know.” Kat said quietly and curled in closer. “I love you AJ.”

 “Love you too sweetheart.”

 AJ kissed her on the forehead and sang to her while she fell asleep.