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Kat sent the kids down to lunch and turned to face Brenda.

 “I CANNOT go down there! I am so embarrassed. Why are they even here?”

 She sank down into one of the chairs and covered her face with her hands. Brenda sat down next to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

 “You have to go down there. They must have come for a reason.” She paused. “Kat, are you really going to turn down a chance to meet the Backstreet Boys just because of one stupid thing?”

 “One stupid thing? That was my first impression and I looked like a dumbass!”

 “Well, at least you broke the ice!” Brenda tried to keep herself from giggling.

 “Thanks a lot!”

 “Look, you have a period off to meet them before you have to finish the day. Take advantage of it. Who knows, you may never see them again.”

“I can only hope.”


The guys were sitting around the conference table in the principal’s office drinking coffee and learning more about Kat and the school. They talked for about ten minutes and then Mr. King stood up.

 “Can I get anyone anything else before I go find Katherine?”

 Brian spoke up for the group. “Thank you Mr. King, but we’re ok. We appreciate you letting us disrupt your school day for a little while.”

 “Please call me Jason. It’s not an issue. The only problem might be getting Katherine to leave her room!” He walked away laughing.

 “This is so weird.” Nick said looking around.

“Why?” Howie asked.

“This is the first time I’ve been in a principal’s office when I wasn’t in trouble!”

 Howie, Brian and Kevin started laughing.  AJ just sat in the corner.

 “C’mon J. That was actually kind of funny.” Brian said.

 “Oh yeah, it was hilarious.”

Howie sighed. “Don’t be such a jackass AJ. We came to meet a fan. It’s not her fault you have issues with your girlfriend and she isn’t the one you should be mad at. Don’t wreck this for her and the rest of us.”

 “I’m not being a jack……”

 “Yes you are.” Nick, Brian and Kevin said in unison.

 AJ just glared at them.

 Brian was about to say something else when the door opened and Jason walked in followed by Kat who still looked like she wanted to hide in a closet.

 “Hi Katherine.” Brian said, pulling out a chair for her. “It’s nice to meet you.”

 “It’s Kat and it’s nice to meet you too.” she said quietly. “I apologize for earlier. I should have, might have…”

 Howie jumped in to save her. “It was a great first impression. We like seeing fans in real life. It was refreshing not to have someone knock us over from excitement and it was cute. Your kids seemed to enjoy it.”

 Kat blushed. “They’re great kids.”

 “They’re actually the reason why we’re here.” Kevin said.

Kat looked at him confused.

“Did you know about the video they made?”

She shook her head no. She had no clue what was going on.

 “We started this contest before we left on the tour.” Nick spoke up. “We asked fans to submit a video letting us know why they should be picked to have a visit with us.”

“But I didn’t send in a video.”

“Your students did. Do you want to see it?” Kevin asked

She nodded and Kevin pulled out his IPad. He set it up and she was shocked. The kids must have spent hours putting it together and she was so honored that they would do this for her.

 “It was the best one we’ve seen.” said Brian. “We decided to come over and pay you a visit.”

“Kind of wish I had a head’s up.” Kat said under her breath.

 Howie smiled. “Sorry we tried to keep the visits as secretive as possible. We would hate to have a hundred fans show up when we are trying to surprise one of them.”

 “I have an idea.” Jason interrupted. “You guys mentioned that you like seeing your fans with their lives. Why don’t you guys sit in on Katherine’s next class?”

He smiled and winked at Kat before sneaking out the door. She watched him leave thinking that if she didn’t love her job as much as she did, she’d quit right this second and leave.


 “That’s an awesome idea.” Brian said. “This would be the first time we get to live the life of a fan for a little bit. It sounds like fun. What do you say?”

 “I, um, I don’t really teach the most exciting subject. I teach math and you might be…”

 “Bad assumption. What, you think since we’re celebrities that we don’t have a brain and aren’t smart enough…”

Nick jumped up, grabbed AJ by the shoulder and pushed him out the door.

 Kat looked horrified. “That’s not what I was going to say…”

 Howie cut her off. “It’s fine. Please accept our apologies. Apparently someone has PMS today and decided not to bring his happy face.”

Kat chuckled. Her laugh and smile broke the ice for everyone and the guys agreed to sit in on her last class.


Nick shoved AJ out the door and up against the wall.

 “You are being a prick!” he hissed at him quietly. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

AJ looked away. “Just leave me alone Nick.”

 “No. Listen up man. The woman in there has been very nice to all of us. She already feels embarrassed enough and you go and make it worse. That’s how you want to treat a fan?”

 “I said leave me alone Nick. I’ll go sit in the damn class but when it’s done, I’m out.”

AJ pushed past him and joined the other guys walking down to Kat’s room.