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“I’m so glad we got all of stuff moved. Now we can just sit back and enjoy tonight.” Brenda said to Kat cleaning up the Chinese food that was a Kat/Brenda tradition for New Year’s.

 “Me too. It just sucks that AJ and Nick need to leave tomorrow.”

 Brenda put her arm around her friend’s shoulders. “I know, but keep in mind that in 3 weeks, you will be on a one way flight to California. You won’t have to worry about saying goodbye anymore.”

 “Except for saying goodbye to you.” Kat replied glumly. “You’ve always been there for me.”

 “And I still will be.”

 “Thousands of miles away.”

 “I didn’t say physically.” Brenda chuckled.

 “Thanks.” Kat smacked her friend in the arm. “Why can’t you move out there with me?”

 “Because I can’t. You know that.”

 “I know you keep saying that but I’m hoping I can change your mind.”

 “Good luck with that!”

 “Hey, are you guys gonna come watch the movie?” Nick asked poking his head around the doorway.

 “We’re coming.”

 “Good. You guys picked a romantic comedy and I don’t want to have to hold hands with J!”

 “I heard that!” AJ shouted from the living room.

 Nick grabbed Brenda’s hand and dragged her down the hallway. Kat laughed as she watched them leave. She wished that Brenda would just take a chance and move out there. Sighing, she started to walk towards the doorway when she felt the tightness in her chest start again.

 “Are you coming Kat?”

 “Be right there.” She gave herself a few seconds till it passed and then joined them for the movie.


 “That was alright.”

 “Alright?” Brenda asked Nick. “You laughed your ass off.”

 Kat laughed as she curled up against AJ.  They’d been watching the two of them argue with each other throughout the movie.

 “How are you feeling?” AJ whispered quietly ignoring the bickering.

 “Good. I’m gonna miss this after you leave.”

 “It’s only three more weeks and then we’ll be together all the time.”

 “You might get sick of me.”

 “There’s not a chance in hell that will happen. I’ve waited for you for way too long and I plan on making memories with you for a very long time.”

 Kat smiled up at him and was about to say something when his cell phone rang. She watched AJ pull the phone out, look at the caller id and reject the call.

 “Who was that?”

 “Nobody important.” AJ answered sharply.

 His phone rang and he rejected it again. A few seconds later, it rang again.

 “You’d better answer it.” Kat said sitting up.

 It started ringing a few seconds after AJ rejected the call for the third time.

 “What the hell do you want?” AJ said finally answering, exasperated.

 Nick, Brenda and Kat all exchanged looks. They were surprised by his tone and they figured whoever it was, AJ wasn’t real happy to hear from them.

 “Is it Michelle?” Nick mouthed to AJ who nodded and proceeded to try and hang up.

 “I told you a long time ago that I was done and that you needed to go away. Leave me….”

 All the color drained from AJ’s face and his eyes got dark.

 “YOU”RE WHAT?” AJ screamed.