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Nick, Brenda and Kat watched in horror as AJ turned purple and threw his phone across Brenda’s living room. He stormed out the back door almost breaking the glass when he slammed it closed.

 Brenda looked back and forth from Kat to Nick. “Which one of you is going out there to talk to him?”

 “Normally I would say you,” Nick said turning to Kat, “but I think I may need to do this one.”

 Kat just nodded. She had never seen AJ angry like this and she had no idea how to even start a conversation at the moment.

 Nick headed for the door and had barely made it through when Kat and Brenda heard him roar at Nick and tell him to go back inside. He ignored him and gently closed the door.

 “Pardon my French, but what the fuck was that all about?” Brenda whispered to Kat.

 “I have no idea. He hasn’t mentioned her since July when he ended things with her.”

 “I hate to be the one to say this but did he really end things with her?”        

 “Of course he did.” Kat snapped.

 Brenda held up her hands. “Ok. I was just asking.” She waited a few minutes before she spoke again. “Maybe she didn’t get it.”

 “Apparently not.” Kat said quietly. “Sorry for snapping at you but she’s a bitch and she messed with him so many times. I just wish she’d take the hint and disappear.”

 “She sounds like a psycho from what you’ve told me. She’s like that woman from Fatal Attraction. The bunny killer. AJ doesn’t have any pets does he?”

 Kat had to laugh at the comparison. “I could see her doing something like that. She’s nuts!”

 “Let’s hope it’s not too serious and Nick can talk to him.”

 “I hope so.”

 Both women just stared at the door keeping their fingers crossed.


 “Did you not understand when I said go back into the house!” AJ screamed at Nick.

 “Stop yelling.” Nick said quietly. “I get you’re mad for whatever reason but you just scared the hell out of your fiancée. She couldn’t even speak when I told her I would come out here to talk to you.”

 AJ let out a long sigh. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blow up like that.”

 Nick shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve seen you like this before but Kat and Brenda haven’t. I’d apologize to them not me.”

 Putting his head in his hands, AJ took a few deep breaths. “I wanted this week to be special for us. Now this shit happens.”

 “Exactly what is it that happened?”

 “She’s pregnant.” AJ replied quietly.

 Nick was stunned. “I’m sorry, I think there’s something wrong with my hearing. Did you just say she was pregnant?”


 Now Nick was getting loud. “How the fuck did that happen? You didn’t cheat on Kat did you?’

 Anger flashed in AJ’s eyes. “No I didn’t! You should fucking know me better than that by now!”

 “Then how did she get pregnant?”

 “Remember back in July, before Kat and I started dating? The day you caught her coming out of my house?”

 “Yeah……..oh shit. That means you did sleep together.”

 AJ just nodded his head.

 “Look AJ, the girl’s like a revolving door for guys. How do you know it’s even yours?”

 “Thanks Nick. Way to help.”

“I’m sorry but you can’t deny that the thought’s running through your mind too.”

 AJ had to admit that it was the first thing he had thought. “She offered to take a paternity test.”

 “Then I’m not buying anything that bitch says until she does it. She’s sneaky, conniving and crazy!”

 He had to agree with Nick. Michelle was anything but stable and he needed to make sure that the baby was actually his.

 “How do I tell Kat about this?” AJ asked. “What if she tells me she can’t handle this? What if I lose her?”

 Nick could tell his brother was truly scared at the prospect of Kat leaving.

 “She’s not going to. Kat loves you more than anything. She’s going to understand J but you need to tell her.”

 “What if she doesn’t trust me?”

 “Look J, this whole thing went down before you started dating. Kat knew about the situation and she still decided to invest in a relationship with you. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Talk to her. I think you’re worried for nothing.”

 AJ nodded his head. “Can you give me a few minutes and then ask her if she’ll come out and talk to me?”

 “Definitely.” Nick leaned over and hugged his brother. “You’re going to be ok and you and Kat will be fine. We’ll all figure this out together.”