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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you to Sapphire, Jordanslady, Hazel, Rainbowbrite and BeastieBarb (my newest reviewer!) for all the feedback. This last piece ends this chapter and story but I am starting the sequel and hope to have the first chapter up tonight!

Dear AJ,

I’m sorry. You can’t imagine how sorry I am. I’ve had time to think and I’m not sure that me moving out to California right now is a good idea.

 You and Michelle are about to be parents and I know that you’re going to want to be in your baby’s life 24/7. We’ve talked about how much you’re looking forward to being a dad and I don’t want to take that from you. You shouldn’t have to worry about splitting your time between your child and me. The situation would get stressful and I don’t want you to resent me if I held you back.

I am sending this letter with Ray because I know it will get to you. Please don’t try to come to me. By the time you get this, I’ll have left Boston. I chose not to tell Brenda or my family where I’ll be so you don’t have to bother to ask them.

 I want you to have the best relationship you can have with your baby. I know you don’t believe it, especially after reading this, but I do love you and I only want what’s best for you. Please be safe and don’t let this set you back.

 I truly am sorry.