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“I’m sorry Mr. McLean. For some reason, there isn’t a reservation for you and there are no rooms available.”

 AJ was fit to be tied. The new assistant that management hired had no idea what she was doing and this wasn’t the first screw up.

 “Are you sure there’s nothing available?” Nick asked. “We’ll take anything.”

The hotel manager shook his head. “Unfortunately, we have a conference this weekend and we’re booked solid. I can call around to some of the area hotels but they fill up for the same conferences we do.”

 “Thanks but we’ll figure something out.”

AJ went back to where Kat and the bodyguards were sitting.

 “We don’t have a room.”

 “What do you mean, you don’t have a room?” Marcus asked.

 “The new idiot they hired screwed up and didn’t book us a room here. She probably booked us a room in Japan somewhere!” AJ was pissed and it was hard to control his frustration.

 Nick nodded. “And to top it off, there are no rooms available here or anywhere else in the 30 mile radius.”

 “What are we going to do then?” Ray joined the conversation.

 Kat was so wrapped up in listening to them talk that she didn’t realize she had started talking too.

 “What Kat?” AJ said bringing her out of her daze.

 “Why don’t you stay at my place?”

 “Um, you have enough room for all four of us? We can’t let the boys stay somewhere without us.” Marcus reminded her.

 Kat nodded. “My house is big enough. I have three bedrooms and two pull out sofas in my basement. I have three bathrooms too.”

 Everyone just stared at her.

 “What? My family hangs out at my house too and I needed a big enough space for everyone.”

AJ shook his head. “Thanks Kat, but that’s putting you out too much. You don’t need to open up your house to all of us.”

 Nick smacked him in the shoulder. “Speak for yourself dude. I’m not wandering around trying to find a place to sleep. We have a lot to do and if Kat’s willing to share her space, then I’m all for accepting it.”

 Ray and Marcus nodded in agreement. “This way you guys are together and we can stay too. We’ll take the pull outs in the basement, Kat, and the boys can have the two bedrooms.”

 AJ turned to face Kat. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

 Kat smiled at him. “Of course. Anything for you guys.”


Kat’s house was a three bedroom ranch with a finished basement and a loft over the detached garage. She had a huge backyard and an in ground pool that had just been opened. There were several gardens in front and in back of the house and they looked beautiful. The guys walked in and got the same feeling for the inside.

 There was a huge kitchen and it opened up into the dining area and the living room.  There were three bedrooms and two bathrooms to the right of the living room and the stairs leading down to the basement were on the other side of the kitchen. There was a large slider in the dining area that led out onto the back porch.

 “Wow! This is amazing Kat.”

 “Thanks.” she said with a smile. “Why don’t you guys get settled in and rest for a little while? I’m going to the grocery store and run some other errands. Anything you’d like?”

AJ shook his head not wanting to inconvenience her but Nick rattled off a list of things. AJ hit him on the arm.

"Dude this isn’t a tour rider! She doesn’t need to get everything for you.”

“Then I’ll go with her.”

 “No way!” Kat said. “I’m not getting mobbed by fans in the supermarket. I’ll get the stuff you asked for Nick and I’ll wake you guys up for dinner.”

 She waved at them and left. The guys decided to take her advice and get some rest after the long flight.