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AJ invited everyone over on Saturday to have them meet Jake. He called Kat to see if he could pick him up, but Brenda answered her cell.

 “Hey AJ.”

 “Hey Brenda. Is that Kat around?”

 “Actually she’s running some errands.”

 “She didn’t take her phone? What if something happens?” he asked with worry creeping into his voice.

 “Don’t worry AJ. She’ll be fine. She didn’t go far.”

 “Still she should take her phone.”

 “I’ll tell her you said that. You know how well she listens!” Brenda said with a laugh. “Did you want me to bring Jake by?”

 “Would you mind?” he asked disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to talk to Kat.

 “Not at all. What time?”

 “Whenever’s good for you.”

 “I’ll be over in an hour ok?”

 “Sounds good. See you guys then.”



 Brenda kicked Kat’s foot after she hung up.

 “I am not joking chica. I am tired of doing this. I’m not your answering service nor am I a taxi.”

 “I know but…”

 “No more buts!” Brenda said louder than she meant to. “You are going to have to deal with him. You two have a kid.”

 “I know, I’m just not ready right now.”

 “You're so goddamn stubborn! You’re never going to be ready. There’s always going to be a reason. I love you but enough is enough. You have to talk to him.”

 “I know I do but this isn’t something you rush into.”

 “You’ve already rushed things sweetie. You two have a son together. I think that means you’re already on the fast track.”

 “Look Brenda. He’s concerned because I’m Jake’s mother. I appreciate that but I don’t need him to focus on me. It makes it harder for me. He needs to just be concerned about Jake.”

 “But I think…”

 “Don’t even tell me that you think he still loves me! I left him, lied to him about why, showed up with his son and now didn’t tell him I have a medical condition. I’m sure whatever love he had for me went out the door a while ago.”

 “Dammit Kat. You don’t get to wallow. You need to talk to him!”

 “Fine, I’ll try. Just not today.”

 Brenda shook her head and went to get Jake ready for AJ’s.