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AJ and Nick moved almost all the boxes either into his truck or into the garage so that Kat and Brenda would have more space to pack the rest of the things. Once the guys finished, they ordered pizza and decided to spend some time at Brenda’s.

 “I miss the four of us hanging out like this.” Nick told everyone, his mouth half full.

 “Damn Nick, close your mouth! I don’t want to see everything you eat!” AJ replied.

 “It’s the six of us now Nicky.” Kat said ignoring AJ’s comment and finished cutting the pizza into pieces for the boys.

 “That still feels weird.”

 “It feels right.” AJ added with a smile.

 Kat grinned and AJ reached out for her hand.

 “Oh gross. I’m trying to eat. You think you guys can hold off on the touchy-feely stuff till after dinner?”

 Brenda rolled her eyes and whacked Nick on the shoulder.

“Ouch!” he cried rubbing his arm. “Why do I always get hit?”

 “Cuz you’re the baby.” AJ said with a chuckle.

 “Not anymore!” he said with a glance at Ryan and Jake.

 “They’re too little and they’re much cuter than you!”

 “I’m cute!” Nick yelped.

“Yes dear. You’re adorable.” Brenda said.

 Nick stuck his tongue out at her and continued eating. Kat got up to clear her plate and walked off towards Brenda’s bathroom.

 “Is she ok?” AJ asked with a frown.

 “Easy AJ. She probably just had to go to the bathroom.”

 “I know but she was moving boxes and packing. Maybe it was too much for her.”

 “Want me to go check?” Brenda asked.

 AJ nodded and watched Brenda head down the hall.

 “You gotta ease up J. You freak out every time she disappears or looks the least little bit tired.”

 “I’m worried.” AJ snapped.

 “I know. We all worry about her. She’s family.”  Nick said quietly. “But you heard the doctor. As long as she doesn’t run any marathons, she’ll be fine until the do the surgery. You can’t keep treating her like an invalid.”

 “And maybe you should butt out.”

 Nick sighed. “I’m just looking out for you. You guys have been through so much and she’s back and you have two little kids. Don’t push her away by jumping all over her all the time. She’s gonna get sick of it after a while.”

 AJ was about to respond when Brenda and Kat came back.

 “Did you really send Brenda to look for me?” Kat asked with an irritated look.

 “Told you.” Nick mumbled under his breath.

 “I didn’t really send her. She offered.” AJ replied with a sheepish look. “I was worried.”

 “I had a headache. All I wanted was some Tylenol. Is that a crime?”

 “No. I’m sorry. I know I overreact but it’s just because I love you.”

 Kat put her hand on his cheek. “I know and I love you too. You just can’t hover every five seconds or get nervous every time I do something. I’m ok and I promised you that I would tell you if I didn’t feel good. Ok?”

 “Ok.” AJ responded and wrapped his arm around her waist. He kissed her gently and pulled her closer to him.

 “Oh great. Now I’m gonna be the one who gets sick.” Nick said shaking his head.

 “Why don’t we head back to the house with the boys? It’s been a long day and I want to spend some time with you.” AJ whispered into Kat’s ear.

 “Sounds good to me.”

 Brenda and Nick helped Kat and AJ get the boys settled and Nick offered to bring the stuff from his truck over the next day. 

 “Thanks Nicky.”

 “No problem. See you guys tomorrow.”

 Nick and Brenda watched as they drove away.

 “Ok Blondie, time to do the dishes.”

 “Can’t we get some time alone?”

 “Sure. You, me, soap, water and dish towels.” Brenda replied with a laugh. “Let’s see how that goes first.”