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Kat got all of her thing packed over the next few days and the guys pitched in and moved everything into AJ’s house. She figured it would be safe with AJ distracted to bring in a few things by herself so they wouldn’t have as much to do but Kevin caught her off guard, physically picked her up and carried her into the house.

 “J’s right, you’re really stubborn.” he joked as he deposited Kat into one of the kitchen chairs.

 “Did you pick up another box?” Nick asked, carrying a load in.

 “Yes but Kevin caught me.”

 Nick laughed. “I can see that. You know that it’s not just J who will be watching out for you right? You have him and now you get four brothers too. We’re a package deal.”

 “Who’s a package?” Howie asked coming through the door with another set of boxes.

 “We are.” Nick answered. “I was just explaining to Kat here that we’re all going to be around now, not just J.”

 “That’s true.” Brian added. “You’ve got 5 sets of eyes on you and if you’re not careful, we’ll tell our wives and that’ll be 3 more. And look out, they’ll be worse!”

 “Yup.” Howie said wiping his hands. “If you think J’s bad, wait till I sic Leigh on you. You won’t get away with anything.”

 “You don’t.” Nick said with a chuckle.

 “I heard that!” Leigh yelled coming down the hallway. Kristin and Leighanne followed behind her carrying pizza boxes and salads.

 “Thought you guys might be ready for some dinner.” Leighanne smiled and put the boxes down on the counter.

 “I’m always ready for food!”

 “No way! Nick Carter hungry? Never!” Brenda shouted coming through the patio doors. “Thank you guys for bringing the food. I was afraid Nick was going to waste away since he hasn’t eaten in a few hours.”

 “Wow, he made it that long huh?” Kristen teased.

 “I’m getting tired of everyone picking on me!” Nick said loudly.

 “Poor Nicky.” Kat said with a smile and a hug.

 Nick put on a pouty face and headed towards the pizza boxes.

 “Have you seen AJ?” Kat asked Howie quietly.

 “I think he’s outside talking to Kev. Want me to go get him?”

 “No. Just checking. Let’s eat.”


 “How are things going with you guys?” Kevin asked.

 “Good. We’ve talked about a lot and we’re working through everything.”

 “It must be hard to adjust to life with two kids. It’s like you guys just got back together and more has been added.”

 “It’s a challenge but I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m back with the woman I love, I have a new son and now I have Ryan back. It’s been a tough road but I feel like we’re finally back where we belong.”

 “How’s her health?”

 AJ sighed. “It seems to be ok but I worry about it all the time. Nick says that if I’m not careful, I’m going to push her away by being too overprotective.”

 “He’s right. I don’t think Brian would have liked it if everyone hovered around him like he was an invalid.”

 “But I want her to know I care.”

 “She’s does J. She knows you love her. You don’t need to hover so much for her to realize that.”

 “I’m going to try and get better about that. I heard you carry her back in the house and I had to hold myself back from running in the house and lecturing her.”

 “I’m glad you managed to do that. It’s bad enough to hover when it’s just you two but with all of us around, she might feel like you’re treating her like a child.”

 AJ nodded. “I’m trying Kev, I really am.”

 “I know.” Kevin said with a smile. “Why don’t we go get something to eat?”

 “Sounds good.”