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AJ finished strapping the boys into the car and pulled out his cell phone. Even though it was early in the morning again, Nick answered quickly.

“Hey J.”

“Hey. We’re leaving in a few minutes and I need you and Brenda to be here within the hour so you can take care of what needs to be done.”

“Ok, you guys are gone for a few hours right? This thing’s going to take a while.”

“Yup. You called the other guys right?”

“Last night. They’re going to help us with everything. I can’t wait to spring this surprise on all of them!”

AJ laughed. “You might the most excited.”

“I am!”

AJ noticed Kat locking the door and hung up with Nick.

“Ready to go?”

“All set.” she replied.

“Alright, let’s get going.”


Nick and Brenda arrived shortly after they left and the other guys met them there.

“So what’s the surprise?” Howie asked.

“You’ll see.” Nick responded with a smile.

“C’mon Nick!” Brian said getting antsy. “I really wanna know what we’re doing!”

Kevin was about to agree with Brian when he noticed a huge truck backing into J’s driveway. Several gentlemen got out and opened the back to reveal the surprise.

“Holy shit!” Brian, Howie, Kevin and Brenda said in unison.

“Yup!” Nick said grinning from ear to ear. “I can’t wait till they get home!”


“I figured we’d stop for the ornaments on the way to the farm so we don’t leave the tree sitting on top of the truck too long.” AJ said as he pulled into the parking lot of the Christmas specialty store.

“Sounds good.”

Kat helped AJ unbuckle the boys and get them into a cart. They spent the next half hour picking out tinsel, garland and wreaths. They had just moved onto the ornaments when Kat finally had to say something.

“AJ, you know the signs they have all over the place?”

“What signs?” he asked, completely absorbed in the group that he was looking through.

Kat chuckled. “The ones that say please don’t touch the ornaments on the tree.”

“What does that….” AJ stopped when he realized that he had probably touched every ornament on the tree. “Sorry.”

“I was worried about it being too much for the boys but I think it’s too much for you!”

AJ watched as Kat laughed and the boys lit up. He had missed her smile and wanted to keep it on her face for as long as he could.

“Ok.” AJ said with a laugh. “I promise not to touch anymore.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that!” Kat said and moved onto the next group of ornaments.

Twenty minutes later, they were finally at the last display and AJ grabbed at one of the ornaments.

“We HAVE to get this one!” he exclaimed.

“No way.” Kat said taking the ornament out of his hand and put it back on the shelf. “Not going to happen.”

“Why? It’s perfect.”

“Perfect for you maybe. But I’m not going to freak the boys out by putting a skull with a Santa hat on the Christmas tree not matter how much you want it!”


“Not a freaking chance. Let’s go.”

She pulled AJ by the arm and got in line to purchase the things they’d picked out. It took about ten minutes to get through the line, back to the car and on their way to the farm.


Nick and the guys were working painstakingly to get the surprise finished for Kat when they got back.

“I would pay anything to see her face!” Howie said.

“You guys can’t be here when they get back.” Nick replied. “AJ just wants her and the kids here when he springs it on her. He said that he’ll call us when they get back and everyone can come over around 5.”

“We have to wait that long?” Brian asked.

“Yes.” Brenda answered. “Let’s get the last few things done and then we need to get out of here.”