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“Thank you Dr. Miller.” AJ said shaking hands with the older gentlemen that his counselor had set him up with.

 “You’re welcome AJ. Why don’t you call my receptionist in the morning and set up another appointment. I know you have a busy schedule so let us know what works for you.”

 “I will and thank you again.”

 AJ pulled the door closed behind him and headed out to the parking lot to get his truck. He stopped to tie his sneaker and when he looked up, he did a double take. The woman who was exiting one of the offices down the hallway looked exactly like Kat.

 Not knowing whether to scream her name or run the other way, he followed her to the parking lot and watched as she got into her truck. Thankfully he didn’t have to go far for his truck and as soon as he got in, he called Nick.

 “You’re not going to believe this but I think I just saw Kat.”

 “Aw J, there’s no way you saw her there. She left for Boston the morning you went to rehab. I went to the hotel personally to see if she was there. Why would she be back out here?”

 AJ thumped his head against the seat. He knew Nick was right. He had spent the last hour talking about her and his eyes were just thinking they saw something.

 “J? Are you still there?”

 “Yeah, I’m in my truck.”

“Where’s the woman?”

“I don’t know, I think she pulled out.” AJ chuckled. “It’s probably good that I didn’t follow to her car.”

 “Definitely good. Being a stalker is bad! I thought we had dealt with enough of those for you to know that by now!”

 AJ laughed at the thought. “Thanks Nicky. I’m gonna head home but come by later if you want to watch a game.”

 “Sounds good. I’ll head over after I leave the studio.”

 AJ hung up and stopped at the grocery store before heading home. He needed to restock his cabinets before Nick came over and cleaned them out.


 Brenda was folding a load of laundry when she heard Kat come in.

 “How’d the appointment go?”

 “I don’t know. I have to make another one in a couple of weeks.”

 “How come?”

 “There are some more tests they want to run and they want to double check the ones they have.” Kat said and collapsed onto the sofa. “How is he?”

 “Finally sleeping. I was hoping to get some more clothes folded while I have the time.”

“Want some help?”

 “No, I want you to just sit there and rest. You can keep me company.”

 Kat curled up on the sofa and pulled a blanket down to cover herself.

“Are you cold? I can turn down the AC.”

 “I’m good. Just got the chills. How was work?”

 “Good. If you ever want to talk to them, I can set up an interview.”

 “I appreciate it but I think for right now, I’ll stay with the office work.”

 “I just figured I’d ask. I can see it in your eyes sometimes.”

 “What do you see?”

 “I see how much you miss teaching and the kids. You loved it.”

 “I still do love it. But you know the rules. I can’t right now.”

 “Damn rules.” Brenda said flopping down on the couch next to her. “I miss working with you ya know.”

 Kat laughed. “But we live together. Do you really want to put up with me here and at work?”

 “Uh, let me think about that for a second. No.” Brenda replied with a chuckle. “This arrangement’s good for now.”

 Kat heard the sound of laughter and stood up from the couch. “I think you know who is awake.”

“Sit down. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Think about what you want for dinner.”

 Brenda left the room and went upstairs. Kat sat back down and pulled the blanket over her thinking that she was a little more tired than she thought. A few minutes later, Brenda returned to find her sound asleep on the couch. Shaking her head, Brenda returned to folding laundry and contemplated about what to do for dinner.