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“What?” Kat asked, leaping off the sofa.

 “Move in with me.”

 Kat stood in front of him and just stared. She had no idea what brought this on and what to say to him.

 AJ stared back. “Say something Kat.”


 “Not that.” AJ said shaking his head. “Will you please sit down and hear me out?”

 Kat slowly sank back onto the sofa but continued to stare at him with surprise.

 “I want you and Jake to move in with me. You told me the other day that Brenda got a new job and it’s going to keep her busy. Nick occupies a lot of her time too and that means she’s here less and less with you. If you come and live with me, I’m around all the time. I can work from home and I can help you with Jake.”

 “We don’t need to move in with you. We’re just fine right here.”

 “No you’re not.”

 “Yes I am AJ. I don’t need a constant babysitter.”

 AJ raised his hands. “I’m not saying you do. But you need some help. Brenda and Nick are doing their thing and you’re here by yourself. If anything happened, you’d alone.”

 “If anything happens, I can call someone.”

 “You can call me! But you wouldn’t have to if you would just live with me.”

 Kat took in a deep breath and let out a long sigh.

 “Are you ok?” AJ asked concerned.

 Kat smacked herself in the forehead with her hand. “This is why I can’t live with you. I take a deep breath to give myself time to think and you automatically go to something being wrong.”

 “I’m sorry Kat, I just thought…”

 “I know what you thought and I appreciate the concern but I can’t move in with you. It would be like this 24/7 and neither one of us would be able to take it. You’d get tired of walking around on eggshells AJ. You had to do enough of that with Michelle and you don’t need to do it anymore.”

 “It’s not the same thing Kat.” AJ responded.

 “I know it’s not quite the same thing but you’d go right back into the role of taking care of a baby and a woman again. I can take care of myself AJ.” She paused for a minute. “Plus, we tried this before and it didn’t work.”

 “No we didn’t.” AJ said, shaking his head. “You never came out here because of Michelle. We’ve never lived together.”

 Kat thought about it for a minute. “I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have put it like that.”

 AJ slid over on the couch so he was sitting side by side with her. “Give it a chance.”

 “It’s not a good idea AJ. Something will happen and it will be like last time.”

 “No it won’t. We’re better than last time. We know everything.”

 “But we’re not together AJ and it’s different with a child.”

 “But we could make it work. If you won’t say yes, will you please tell me that you’ll think about it? Please?”

 Kat rubbed her eyes with her hand. “I don’t know AJ.”

 “Just think about it.”

 “If I say I’ll think about it, will you leave it alone?”

 “Maybe.” AJ said with a chuckle.

 “Really? Maybe?”

 “I’m persistent Kat.”

 “Yah think?”

 AJ slid his arm around Kat’s shoulder. “Yes I do. Just think about it.”

 “Fine. I’ll think about it.” she said, leaning her head against his shoulder.

 “Good.” He pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around her. “Feel like watching a movie since I’m already here?”

 “Seriously McLean? It’s like 10.”

“Just one and then I’ll head out. It’ll be like old times except you can’t kick me out.”

 “I can kick you out buddy!” Kat said elbowing him in the side. “You could be out on the doorstep in a heartbeat.”

 “Yeah but you won’t.” he replied smiling.

 Kat laughed. “One movie and then you’re out.”


 Brenda and Nick pulled in about midnight and they went in to check on Kat and Jake. She wanted to stay at Nick’s but she was concerned about leaving Kat by herself just in case something happened. Heading upstairs to check the bedroom, she felt Nick’s hand tug on her arm.

 “What?” she whispered.

 “I don’t think you need to check upstairs.”


 Nick dragged her over to the doorway of the living room and what she saw brought a smile to her face. Kat was sound asleep on the couch, curled into AJ’s side. He had his arm wrapped around her and was snoring so they knew he was asleep too.

 “Think they finally worked it out?” Nick asked.

 “Oh God I hope so.” Brenda said with a grin. “Let’s get out of here!”