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Story Notes:
Feedback would help a lot as I am not used to writing canon. Hope you enjoy the story!!
The Backstreet Boys had it all. Success from Millennium was still pouring in just as they started the Black and Blue tour...riding on the high from their hit single. They had the attention of the world, but could barely give each other the time of day.

"What is it with you today, AJ? You were totally unprofessional in that last interview." Kevin said as they walked into their hotel after a long day of interviews for tour promo.

Nick rolled his eyes and giggled, listening to them talk. He was obviously high again along with AJ....but Kevin knew AJ was doing the harder stuff. He had caught Nick trying to hide the fact he was smoking pot earlier that day.

"Man, relax. The chick thought I was hilarious. At least I didn't bore her talking about my girlfriend like Brian."

Of course, Nick thought this was hilarious too and AJ high fived him, the two of them snickering.

"Fuck off." Brian said as he passed them.

"Have fun rooming with him tonight, Nicky. Someone is testy." AJ pointed out when they heard the door slam.

"Seriously...I don't know what to do with you two and the tour just started. I'm going to bed and I suggest you both do the same."

"Night Dad." the youngest two said in unison.
Once Kevin was gone, Nick started following AJ like a excited puppy, almost bouncing.

"Did you get it?"

"You bet your ass I did....but nobody said you were invited." AJ said, brushing past him. Nick rolled his eyes at him, he was pushing him away just like everyone else was doing.

"Fuck you too then." Nick snapped moodily before heading towards his room.
AJ rolled his eyes, he was going to have a good night, he didn't need anyone.
Kevin sighed as he walked into his hotel room, having a feeling that Nick and AJ were up to no good, but he just didn't have the energy to check it out.

Everyone was at each others throats and Jive wanted Nick to do a solo album...he hadn't decided yet but it had caused Brian to blow up during their last meeting. On top of that, AJ had gone down a dark path and it seemed Nick was following. Even Howie was distant, spending hours on the phone with his real estate business and other projects. Kevin laid down to sleep, most likely for another restless night of tossing and turning.

The Backstreet Boys were falling apart, and it would take something big to get the pieces back together again.