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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey everyone. Sorry for the wait, busy with work and haven't had time to write. I am still trucking, hope you enjoy this chapter!
Ever since Russell was a little boy he felt rebellious. He never listened to his parents, never listened to his teachers. He didn't even listen to the police.....the only one he would listen to was Chloe. He loved his sister because she understood him better than anyone. She understood all he wanted was to be noticed, because their older brother Jason seemed to get all of the praise. He loved to rub it in Russell's face as well, gloating whenever he had the chance.

"I just made the squad...and what have you done, brother? Still working on your little paintings?"

Russell hated Jason. One day he'd show them all he was important.

He actually hadn't minded his job as a roadie, he got a free place to sleep with his cousin, food was basically included. He would have forgotten his revenge if it hadn't been for that poor girl outside that night before one of the shows.

"Please, I just want to meet Nick. It's been a huge dream of mine...I have been a fan since I was ten. Can you help me? You work for them right?"

The girl had looked just like Chloe so Russell didn't mind trying to help her any way he could. Her name was Marie and she had the prettiest green eyes Russell had ever seen. She wore a backstreet boys t shirt and had "I love Nick" drawn on her face.

He snuck her backstage, making sure that nobody questioned him. Once they got to the dressing area, Russell was surprised to already see a few girls standing there. Some were dressed skimpy and looked older.

"Hey, Nick....can you just take one picture with her, please?" Russell asked when Nick made his.way over. He seemed like he didn't want to be anywhere near fans right now.

"She ain't my type." came the reply. Nick didn't even look at the girl.

"She just wants to meet you."

"I'm busy."

The girl was near tears when Nick turned the other way towards the group near his dressing room.

"You....and...okay, you." He said, with the air of choosing people to play basketball with. Russell approached him again, determined.

"Come on, you owe me. I always let you bum cigarettes. Just do me this one favor, please."

"I don't owe you shit, yo. I already told ya, that chick ain't my type.....sorry. I got business to attend to." Nick laughed. Russell cringed, where was the kid he'd seen earlier that morning? He had been replaced with some cocky bastard sporting a fake ghetto accent. Nick walked away and Russell shook his head, the anger in him coming back as the fan cried into his shoulder.

Russell thought of this as he hunted Nick and the others through the woods, determined to get justice for Chloe, for Maria and any other girl Nick had hurt in his sexual escapades. He had seen his opportunity when the tour buses stopped at the rest stop....Hank never saw it coming. None of them did. Russell didn't intend to crash the bus but park it while the others were sleeping and kill Nick as he slept...not call attention to himself. However now he knew he couldn't go back to prison knowing he failed, he wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Russell Harris was not a screw up.....he would make damn sure to follow through even if it meant dying himself.