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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy the chapter.
Brian stood there as his friends wrestled with Russell in disbelief. The pain in his wrist was pretty bad but he grabbed Nick and ran, the two of them following the creek. Nick was wheezing when they came to a river, hearing the others shouting in the distance.

"Brian, we can't just leave them. We need to go back." Nick said, allowing himself to fall onto the grass. His stomach ached and he just wanted to sleep, his head hurting from all of the thoughts running through it.

"I had to get you away from that guy....he was going to kill you, Nick." Brian said, looking for a hiding place for the two of them. Nick stayed on the ground, rubbing at his eyes. He felt grateful for Brian wanting to save him, but didn't like the idea of leaving Kevin, AJ and Howie behind with Russell. If he wanted to kill him, what was stopping him from killing the others?

"I don't think we should seperate." Nick said finally. He picked up a stone off the ground and tossed into the river, listening to the water.

"If you think about it, we kinda already were before all this happened. What happened to us?" Brian wondered, shaking his head. Things were really bad before the bus crashed, and Brian had a feeling it would get worse before it got better.


"Yeah, Nick?"

"I'm sorry I toldyou to drop dead."

Brian smiled and sat down next to him, ruffling Nick's hair.

"I know you didn't mean it. I still love you and I am sorry for saying it to you on occasion." he said, pulling him into a sideways hug. He helped Nick up off his feet, and the two of them continued walking.

"Brian, all of this is my fault. You don't love me. I'm a fuck up. I almost got us all killed." Nick protested. He really wanted to go back and get the others,but it was probably best to have Russell distracted while they got away.

"Who is Chloe? You mentioned her before." Brian asked after some silence.

"It's a long story, Brian." Nick said, looking at his feet.

"I want to know.....everything."

Nick turned around, his back towards the river. He began telling Brian everything, the words spewing out without stopping. He told of how basically he had cheated on a girlfriend with Chloe and Chloe found out she was being used just for a booty call. He felt so guilty that he had tried contacting her only to find out she had committed suicide, the reasoning for Russell's anger. Nick had forgotten about Chloe's brother that was in prison and now here he was, seeking justice. Brian listened in silence, looking at his friend with disappointment and wondering how he should handle it. While Nick had screwed up, but he didn't deserve to die. Nobody did.

Nick wiped his eyes when he finished, feeling incredibly guilty. Brian opened his mouth to speak but befire he could, Russell came charging at them. Nick didn't have time to react, the force of Russell's body crashing into his flung them into the river with a deafening splash. AJ, Kevin and Howie came after, seeing Brian at the riverbank panicking.

"NICK!!" Brian screamed, scanning the water.

Nick and Russell were struggling, fighting as they treaded water. It was cold and Nick felt his clothes weighing him down. He couldn't call for help and Russell was desperately trying to push him to keep him submerged. He felt helpless as he kicked, not knowing what way was up or down.

As Russell held him, Nick started thinking, memories flashing before him. Was this what it was like to die? He was gasping for breath but was only met with water. Cold water surrounding on all sides.

On the riverbank Brian was frantic, knowing they didn't have much time to waste. He was about to jump in when he saw Nick appear above the water briefly before Russell pulled him down again. Brian moved to jump but AJ stopped him.

"Brian your wrist is sprained. Let me..." AJ said before diving in. He didn't take long to find Russell, clinging to Nick's back to weigh him down. AJ landed a few punches and grabbed Nick, who was unconscious. He dragged Nick back to shore, it was a little difficult with the current but Howie helped get Nick out of the water. They didn't see Russell anywhere.

After a few moments Nick coughed, spitting up the water he swallowed.

Nick lay on the ground coughing and coughing,wondering when this nightmare would end.