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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks so much to Julie (Rokofages75) for giving me the idea to write this. I am finally out of my dry spell :) hope you all like this update!
"Mail for you, Harris. ."

He sat up in his cell, looking forward to the letters he received from his sister Chloe, while in prison for armed robbery five years ago. Chloe was the one person who stuck with him from his whole family, she visited and called, wrote letters that made him feel wanted. He didn't feel like he belonged in that place, he felt the government was abusing their power once again.

Russell Harris harbored a lot of ill feelings for the California police, especially since his own brother Jason was a officer for the LAPD and arrested him when he'd robbed a bank, stealing a car from the parking lot to escape.

"They'll get theirs one day," he chuckled to himself as he opened the letter, but soon his heart sank.

"Oh, my God..."

Dear Russ,

I'm so sorry I won't get to see you to tell you this myself because by the time you see this letter it will be too late. I am tired of not being happy....I thought I'd found someone to settle down with...someone to help fill my broken heart from when Jamie walked out. I was wrong and knowing this guy just used me makes me so upset....the pain is too much, the distance is too much. Left me like that bastard did. So this is my goodbye dear brother, and I hope the best for you, I hope one day you'll come out a better person.

All my love,


Russ felt the tears come straight away. His beloved sister had died and it was all because of some rat bastard hurting her...breaking her heart. He was about to crinkle up the letter but instead he punched his bed, feeling angry.

Whoever had broken his baby sister's heart would pay. Just like the last guy who'd done it.

He had not yet been charged with Jamie's murder, he knew what he was doing and could hide a body if need be. He went about his chores at the prison, thinking all the time about Chloe. He had just seen her about a month ago and she seemed fine, just a little distant. How long was she depressed for and how bad was it that she contemplated suicide before she followed through?

Russ read the letter once again before bed and noticed it was on Backstreet Boys stationary. He smiled, that band had always made her happy...then it hit him. He knew who had done it.

"You're seeing someone? Tell me all about it..."

Chloe smiled and giggled, her brown hair falling in her face the way it always did when she laughed.

"He's wonderful, sweet...and we met in a coffee shop. He's a singer..."

"That's great. You should bring a picture sometime."

She did, but he'd lost that photo a long time ago.

The blonde staring up at him from the paper, it was him.

Russ smiled, as soon as he could get out of this hell hole...this guy would regret ever touching his baby sister.

Nick sat in his bunk on the tour bus, sighing as he wondered if he could get away with smoking on the bus. He didn't like the taste cigarettes left in his mouth...but the feeling calmed him.

"What are you pouting about this time?" AJ asked, plopping down in the bunk across from Nick.

"Not pouting. I need a smoke. When are we stopping?"

"We'll be there by morning, your little habits can wait until then." Kevin snapped. Nick rolled his eyes, something he was doing a lot lately. He always thought Kevin hated him the way he always ragged....scolding him more than the others.

Nick said goodnight but was met with AJ's curtain closing....leaving him to himself. None of the guys seemed to want him around lately, especially Brian. All Brian did was talk about his stupid girlfriend. He barely talked to him anymore and it hurt, like he was being replaced.
He thought about the solo album the record label wanted him to do....maybe the guys were better off without him. Nick laid down feeling anxious as he cried himself to sleep, not caring if anyone else heard.

Nick couldn't wait for tour to be over.