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Summary: *Abandoned* This story has been rewritten. If you want to read the reboot, it's called Nowhere To Go :) hope you check it out!! In a world like this where some back down I know we're gonna make it.
In a time like this when love comes round I know we gotta take it.
In a world like this where people fall apart…In a time like this when nothing comes from the heart…In a world like this, I've got you.
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Suspense
Warnings: Death, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 19
Completed: Yes
Word count: 15436
Read: 18700
Published: 08/05/13
Updated: 12/18/13
Story Notes:
Feedback would help a lot as I am not used to writing canon. Hope you enjoy the story!!

1. Prologue by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (428 words)

2. Chapter 1 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (703 words)
Thanks so much to Julie (Rokofages75) for giving me the idea to write this. I am finally out of my dry spell :) hope you all like this update!

3. Chapter 2 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (785 words)
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4. Chapter 3 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (857 words)
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5. Chapter 4 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (944 words)
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6. Chapter 5 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (919 words)
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7. Chapter 6 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (769 words)
Enjoy the update!!!

8. Chapter 7 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (854 words)
Hey sorry there was no update as promised yesterday, was very busy with work. Hope you enjoy this chapter!

9. Chapter 8 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (1039 words)
Hope you enjoy this chapter!

10. Chapter 9 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (880 words)
Even though reviews on the site are currently down, I still want.you all to be able to read. Here is Chapter 9....if you want to leave feedback....email me, comment on twitter or my update thread on the Absolute Chaos Discussion Board. My twitter is FrickingKaos, just search me if you don't follow already. Enjoy the update!

11. Chapter 10 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (910 words)
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12. Chapter 11 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (761 words)
umm...please don't kill me. *hides*

13. Chapter 12 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (892 words)
Sorry for lack of updates, I was very busy yhis weekend with work so I didn't have time to write. Hope you enjoy the chapter!!!

14. Chapter 13 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (567 words)
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15. Chapter 14 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (771 words)
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16. Chapter 15 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (929 words)
First of all let me say I am so very sorry that I haven't updated in about a month. September honestly was not a good writing month for me and I appreciate anyone who is still reading and being patient.

I am planning on trying to finish this story soon in the next few chapters, hopefully before I leave for the BSB cruise. Thank you for reading and sticking with me. :)

17. Chapter 16 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (986 words)
Hey everyone!! I told you this chapter would be coming sooner than you thought. I am updating this now because I will be away most of the weekend in NYC for a comic convention, so hopefully you enjoy this chapter. Had a lot of problems posting so I hope it came out all right. Enjoy the update and as always, feedback is most appreciated!

18. Chapter 17 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (536 words)
I am so sorry that I disappeared for a month. I feel terrible, but I needed to take a break from writing. hope you all understand and enjoy this chapter.

19. Chapter 18 by DelphinaCarter [ - ] (906 words)
Hey everyone. Hope you enjoy this chapter. I am still plugging away at this story. Feedback is appreciated :)