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Author's Chapter Notes:
A big thank you to everyone who has been reading and reviewing: Sapphire, Jordanslady, Rosalie, Hazel_85, Rainbowbrite006, Ajsgirl4life, Tweetersweet, Nijntje and BeastieBarb. Your reviews, thoughts and comments are much appreciated and I hope you guys are still liking the story!
Nick pulled into Emma’s driveway and offered to walk her up to the house. Howie and Addie were still at the party and were going to catch a ride with another friend.

“Do you want to come in for some coffee?” Emma asked as she unlocked the door.

“I can’t tonight. I’m sorry.”

“Maybe we can do something on Sunday.”

“Actually I won’t be here on Sunday.”

Emma looked up at Nick with surprise but didn’t say anything.

“Lauren is coming home tomorrow and she asked if I could meet her there.”

“I’m glad she got some time off.”

“I know and I had to take it. If I didn’t……………”

Emma put her hand on his arm. “You don’t have to explain it to me. I get it.”

She removed her hand and stepped through the doorway.

“Be careful and have a safe flight.”

“I will. Maybe I can take a rain check on the coffee?”

“Sure.” she responded with a smile. “Have fun.”

Emma quietly closed the door and Nick headed back to the car. He knew he should be excited that he was getting some time alone with Lauren after so many months apart. The only problem was that he wasn’t sure how he felt.


Emma showed up at Addie’s house early the next morning. So much had happened last night and she had to talk to someone.

“Hey.” Addie said rubbing her eyes. “Didn’t someone tell you it was Sunday?”

Addie had meant it as a joke but as soon as she saw her friend’s face, she knew this was not the time to be funny. She ushered her into the living room and made them both some coffee. Emma didn’t even wait for her to sit before jumping right in.

“I did it.” Emma started to cry. “Actually he did it but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Whoa, slow down. Who did what?”


“Jessie did what?”

“He broke up with me.”

Addie just sat back on the couch and stared at her friend. She knew that the time was going to come at some point but she was shocked that Jessie had initiated it.

“Did he say why?”

“His new girlfriend did.”

“EXCUSE ME?” Addie yelled. “His who did what?”

Howie was just coming downstairs when he heard all the commotion. He walked into the living room and found Emma on the couch crying and Addie pacing back and forth in front of the TV looking like she was going to murder someone.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he sat down next to Emma and put his arm around her.

“Her loser boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, had his new girlfriend break up with Em.”

Howie’s eyes got huge. “Seriously?”

Emma nodded. “Kind of. I got home early last night because Nick had an early flight….”

“Wait, where’d Nick go?”

“Who cares about Nick? Let her finish!” Addie snapped.

“Sorry Em.”

“It’s ok. I got home and found them down in the basement playing video games when I went to do laundry. He wasn’t expecting me and he didn’t look very sorry.”

“What did he say?”

“That he was tired of living with a roommate and he wanted a girlfriend.”

“I’m gonna go over there and kick the crap out of him!” Addie screamed.

Howie got up and grabbed ahold of his girlfriend. “I don’t think this is helping her.” he whispered into her ear.

Addie looked over and knew he was right. Emma was still crying and looked like she hadn’t slept in a month. She took a deep breath and sat back down next to her.

“That’s ridiculous Emma. You’ve been trying to be a girlfriend to him for years and he kept pushing you away.”

“Well he’s not pushing her away.”

“I’d like to push them both over a cliff.” Addie mumbled.

Emma laughed in spite of the situation. “I don’t know what to do Addie.”

“You’re gonna move on. You’ve wasted enough time on that dumbass and it’s time to move on. We’ll go pack all your stuff and get you and Della out of there ASAP.”

“Where am I gonna go?”

“Here.” Howie replied.

“But I don’t want to intrude on you guys.”

“You’re not.” Howie said sitting on the coffee table in front of her. “Addie is your best friend, you’re family. I would do the same for any of the guys.”

“I really don’t…………”

“I don’t want to hear it. Addie’s right. I want you to go home and pack up your stuff. Addie and I will meet you there soon and we’ll take care of it.”

Emma stood up and hugged Howie tightly. “Thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me? I get to stay with two beautiful women now!”

Howie winked and tried to avoid Addie’s elbow.

“Funny Dorough.”

Howie pulled Addie in and kissed her on the cheek. “Let me get ready and we’ll leave.”

Addie nodded and walked her friend to the door. “It’s gonna be ok Em. I promise.”

“I hope you’re right.” she replied sadly. “I really do.”

So do I, Addie thought to herself as she watched her friend leave.