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Emma awoke a few hours later to an empty bed. She and Nick had spent hours getting to know each other and she had fallen asleep wrapped in his arms. Sliding on her sweatpants and Nick’s t-shirt, she made her way down the hallway looking into all the rooms for him. By the time she got down to the living room, he was nowhere to be found. She started to worry that Nick had had a change of heart and thought the whole thing was a mistake. Just as the tears were threatening to flood her eyes, she saw Nick and Della come bounding up from the beach. She wiped her tears away quickly and walked over to the door to let them in.

“Hey.” she called as she stepped aside to let Della past. “Thanks for taking her out.”

Nick closed the door and pulled Emma so close that she could barely breathe. “I didn’t want to wake you.” He leaned in to kiss her and noticed that her cheeks were wet. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just had something in my eye.”

“Yeah right.”

“I’m serious.”

“Uh huh.” Nick said and raised his eyebrow. “We’ll discuss how bad a liar you are later, but I wanna know what gives now. Why were you were crying?”

“It’s stupid Nick.”

“It’s not stupid Em. I don’t wanna see you cry. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing.” Emma paused and looked away from him.
Nick stared at her for a few moments and then spoke softly. “You thought I left didn’t you.”

“No, I didn’t……”

He pushed her jaw up so he could see her eyes. “Yes you did. That’s why you were crying.”

“No it was……”

Pulling her by the hand, Nick walked over to one of the oversized chairs and flopped down on it. He tugged Emma down so that she was on his lap with her head resting against his chest.

“What did last night mean to you?”

Nick caught Emma completely off-guard with his question. She was already feeling confused by the whole thing and now Nick asked her that. What if the feelings she had weren’t the ones he had? Maybe it was just a heat of the moment thing for him.

“Hey you.” he said softly. “Are you gonna answer my question?”

Emma decided to just put it out there. If she was gonna get hurt, then so be it.

“It meant a lot to me. I’ve had feelings for you for a while.”

Emma paused and waited to see if he was going to say anything. When he didn’t, she continued.

“It was special. You were so gentle and caring; you made me feel like I was the only person on your mind. It’s been a long time since someone did that for me.”

Nick’s face broke out into a grin. “I’m glad you said that. Now I don’t feel like the only one.”

Emma shook her head like she didn’t hear him. “Huh?”

“It was the same for me Em. You make me feel so comfortable and you treat me like someone important. Not just because of who I am but who I am to you.”

Emma went to turn her face away but Nick cupped her chin gently in his hand and kept her looking at him.

“I mean it Em. You’re important to me and I’m not going to do anything to hurt you.”

“But what if you decide to leave?”

“I care about you Emma and I’m not just gonna walk out. I want to make this work with you but you have to trust me.”

“I’ve trusted people before…”

“I’m not Jessie Em, I’m not gonna do that to you.”

“I didn’t think he would either.”

“Did he ever tell you he wouldn’t?”


“There’s the difference. I’m telling you that I’m not going anywhere. I like where I am right now and who I’m here with. Why would I want to screw that up?”

“Do you really mean that Nick?”

Nick gave her a sexy grin and stood up. He picked her up so she had to wrap her legs around his waist.

“I guess I’m gonna have to show you again that I mean it!”


Emma woke up a few hours later to find two arms wrapped around her tightly. She could feel Nick’s body pressed up against her back and his breath on her neck. Her mind happily replayed the last few hours and she tucked herself into him cozily.

Nick smiled as he felt her body move closer to his and he kissed the back of her neck. Hugging her against his chest, he ran his hand over her hair, smoothing it down.

“Hi.” Emma whispered quietly, not wanting to ruin the moment.

“Hi yourself.” Nick replied with a laugh.

Emma turned herself over so that she could look Nick in the eyes and was a little hurt when she saw his smile disappear. He just stared at her like he had never seen her before. She could feel the panic start to creep him when he leaned in and kissed her gently. He pulled back after a minute and smiled.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

Emma started to blush and tried to look away. Nick held her face in his hand and her eyes slowly rose to meet his.

“I’m serious Emma. You are so beautiful.”

He leaned in to kiss her again but before he could, Della laid her snout on the bed behind him and nudged his back.

“Apparently someone needs to go out again.”

“I’ll get in this time.” Emma said and started to get up.

Nick gently pushed her back and kissed her deeply. “I got it.”

She watched as Nick got dressed and left with Della right behind him. Pulling the covers up to her neck, she smiled and waited for him to come back.