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Nick drove for what seemed like hours and Emma was surprised when she saw the sign saying they were entering New York. She didn’t ask him about it because he already told her he wasn’t going to say anything and ruin the surprise. They continued driving a little longer and then he pulled into the parking lot of the biggest lodges that Emma had ever seen.

Nick put the car into park and told her to wait there. She sat there for a few minutes before he came jogging back out to where she was. He handed her a key, pulled out of the spot and followed a curvy sand road up to a group of cottages. After stopping a few times, he found the one he rented and pulled into the parking spot in front of it. Emma was amazed when she stepped out of the car and looked around.

Snow was covering everything on the property and twilight was just setting in. The cottage itself was small and inviting with the lamplight glowing through the windows and the smoke from a fireplace coming up through the chimney. They made their way up to the door where Nick dumped all their belongings and opened the door. The inside was just as charming as the outside. There was a large bed in the middle of the room with a fireplace to the right and the bathroom to the left. There were a couple of comfy chairs right in front of the roaring fire and a basket of wine and fruit to welcome them in.

“Do you like it?” he asked after they stepped into the room.

“It’s beautiful Nick.”

“Not as beautiful as you.” he whispered in her ear and kissed her neck gently.

Emma shivered and turned so she could pull him close. She tugged his chin down and kissed him softly. Reaching up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her hands through his hair. The intensity of the kiss increased and Nick reached down to pick her up. She clasped her legs around his waist and he carried her over to the bed. Gently setting her down, he placed his knees on either side of her; his hands were tender as they caressed her face. After deepening his kiss again, he whispered that they were in for the rest of the night.


Emma woke up just as dawn was breaking. She slipped out of bed so as not to wake Nick and pulled on a sweatshirt. Opening the door just wide enough to sneak out of, she stood out on the porch and watched the light play off the lake. The Cape was always one of her favorite places to wake up to but this moment changed her mind. The beauty of the morning was so captivating that she didn’t hear Nick come up behind her. His hands on her shoulders startled her but she soon leaned back into him and let him pull her close.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked.

“Really well.”

“Good because you’re going to need it.”

“Another surprise?” she groaned.

“This one was worth it wasn’t it?”

Emma smiled. “You’re right, it was. Where are we going?”

“We’re staying here but we need to head up to the lodge soon.”


“Yup and then today’s activities.”


“Uh huh. Make sure you dress warm this morning. Sweater, hat, jacket, mittens, scarf…..”

“I get the gist.” Emma giggled and kissed him. “Give me ten minutes and then we can leave.”

Nick watched her go into the bathroom and started to get dressed himself. He was looking forward to this.


“Are you trying to kill me?” Emma shouted.

Nick laughed and pushed her forward.

“I’m serious Nick, if you want to break up with me just say so. You don’t need to get me killed.”

“Let’s go, we’re almost there.”

Nick pulled her over to the ski lift entrance and helped her into the chair. He took his seat next to her and they started up the mountain.

“There is no way I am skiing Nick!” Emma continued to protest. “I can barely walk without breaking something and you want me to strap on two pieces of wood….”


“Whatever! You want me to strap them to my feet and go sailing down a mountain? Are you crazy?”

“Not last time I checked.” he replied with a smirk.

“You are crazy! I’m gonna wind up becoming well acquainted with some tree down there. That is if I miss the rocks first. Don’t you remember how many times you’ve had to save me?”

“I do.”

Emma continued to protest as they climb off the lift and headed over to a shack that had a line formed outside. Nick just kept smiling and pulled her in towards him. They finally got to the head of the line and Emma’s face turned beet red. She was surprised to see a large stack of inflatable tubes piled in all corners of the tight, cramped space. He grinned at her embarrassment and gave the attendant a five dollar bill. The two picked their tubes and headed over to a smaller hill and joined the line to head down.

“Did you really think I was going to send you down a mountain on skis?” Nick whispered and kissed her gently.

Emma turned red again.

“You’re my girlfriend and I want you in one piece. I also don’t want to spend our romantic weekend in the emergency room.”

“That’s wrong.” she said, elbowing him in the stomach. “But it’s true.”

Nick chuckled. “I figured we could go down on our own for a little while and then try out the two person tubes.” He paused. “That is if you’re still standing.”

Emma stuck her tongue out and cut in front of him in line. “I’m going first.”

The attendant held the tube for her and once she was situated, he gave her a gentle push to get her tube started. Emma held on as tightly as she could and everyone could hear her scream as the tube picked up speed. She finally made it to the bottom and managed to get herself into a standing position. Hearing Nick call her, she turned around and was knocked to the ground by him in his tube.

“I’m so sorry Em!” Nick cried as he jumped from his tube. “I didn’t think you’d still be standing so close.”

Emma was sitting on her butt in the snow, covered in the soft white powder from head to toe. He tried as hard as he could to not laugh but just couldn’t stop himself. Doubling over, he had tears streaming from his eyes and was trying to hold back as much as he could. Distracted by his laughter, he didn’t see Emma charge at him until she had shoved him into a nearby snow pile. She added a snowball to the head for good measure and then turned to pick her tube up.

“Race you up there!” she cried, running up to the conveyer.

Nick continued to laugh as he brushed snow off of himself. He grabbed his tube and raced to catch up with her.