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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Emma was packing her bags and checking things off her to do list when her phone rang.

“How is my maid of honor doing?”

“Fine.” Emma said with a laugh. “Getting ready to head out.”

“How long’s your flight?”

“About 5 hours, I have a short layover.”

Emma was leaving cold and dreary Massachusetts for the sun and sand of Key West. Addie and Howie had decided on a destination wedding and, since most of his friends and family were already in Florida, they had decided to have it at one of the local hotels.

“I can’t wait to see you!”

Emma chuckled. “You just saw me a week ago.”

“I know but I miss you.”

“Well you’d better get used to it. That two week honeymoon is gonna keep us apart.”

“I know.” Addie answered and then decided to change the subject. “Is you know who coming?”

“You’re starting to sound like Harry Potter. He who shall not be named!”

“Very funny. Is he coming?”

Addie hated Emma’s new boyfriend with a passion and couldn’t understand for the life of her why Emma was with him. There was something that bothered her about him even though she couldn’t say exactly what it was. Whatever it was, it set off alarm bells in her head and she’d tried her hardest to find someone else for her best friend.

“And he is?”

“Okay, fine. Is Stephen coming?”

Emma chose to ignore that fact that Addie has practically hissed his name and told her that she was coming alone.

“What is he too busy?”

“He had a meeting to go to.”

Emma wasn’t about to open a can of worms and tell her best friend that they’d have yet another fight. It seemed to be happening a lot lately and when she suggested that this trip might help, he told her before he left that he was not going to waste his time down there with her friends.

“That’s a shame.” Addie responded, her remark dripping with sarcasm.

“Look Addie, I get that you don’t like him but he is my boyfriend. I wish you’d stop knocking him.”

I’d like to knock him out, Addie thought to herself. She knew she should be supportive of her friend but the whole situation seemed off and she didn’t like it.

“Alright, I’ll try.” she said and changed the subject slightly. “Are you going to be ok this weekend?”

Emma knew what her friend really meant was would she be ok around Nick. It had been two years since they’d broken up and she’s done her best to avoid him. He tried calling her in the weeks after she left but he eventually gave up like she knew he would. She didn’t want a relationship built on guilt or pity and she felt that if she opened her heart to him again, that’s why he would be there. The best choice for her was to wall up that part of her life and move on.

“I’ll be fine Addie. Please don’t worry about me.”

“I’m always gonna worry about you, we’re family.”

“That is true and it’s also true that if I don’t finish packing, I’m gonna be late for my flight!”

“Well then hurry up missy! I can’t get married without you!”

Emma smiled. “I’m leaving in a couple of minutes.”

“Ok, be safe and call us when you land. Love you!”

“Love you too!”


“When do you leave?”

“About an hour.” Nick replied. “Don’t worry D, I’ll be there soon.”

“Good! The rehearsal dinner is tonight and you can’t miss it.”

“I won’t.” Nick promised. “I would never miss anything this important.”

“I’m glad you’ll be here.” Howie paused and then got serious. “You’re gonna be ok this weekend right? I mean let me know…”

“Everything will be fine.” Nick answered.

He knew that seeing Emma would be difficult for him but it was something that couldn’t be avoided. He’d tried to talk to her after the breakup but she’d completely shut him out. It’s not like he could blame her and he’d been stupid to go back to Lauren when he couldn’t get Emma back.

“Glad to know that.” Howie replied. “Are you bringing the flavor of the month with you?”

Nick groaned. He and Lauren had broken up over a year ago and the dates he’d been on weren’t very successful. He’d been set up so many times that Howie had taken to calling all of them the flavor of the month.

“No big brother.” Nick answered. “I haven’t had any dates in over a month and I would never bring a girl I barely knew to your wedding.”

I also wouldn’t bring any woman anywhere near Emma, he thought. He knew how badly he’d hurt her and although she may never speak to him again, he wasn’t going to show up with some random girl and hurt her more.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that!” Howie exclaimed.

“I bet you are.” Nick chuckled. “I need to get off so I can board. I’ll see you in a few.”

“Call when you get here.”

“Will do.”
Chapter End Notes:
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